Suggestion Box Friday (4/10/09)

Suggestion Box Friday - This is your chance to be the blog writer! Anything goes today, as long as it has to do with making gold in wow.

Addon Spotlight:

Auctionlite is an interesting new addon that was brought to my attention by the author Merial Kilrogg a few weeks ago. I've been testing it and giving her feedback on the addon since then. I can say that this is a great addition to auctioneer and makes spotting outliers even easier than reading pct.

If you think auctioneer is too complicated then I would suggest trying this addon as a substitute to auctioneer. An interesting feature is the ability to buy multiple items at once, instead of having to select purchase for every item the way auctioneer has you buy.

Simplicity is the key to this addon and makes it a must have for auctioneers who would like to speed up the buying process and thus save time overall.

Blog Spotlight:

RP4FunAndProfit is a new blog coming out written by Spark with an interesting twist: It's an RP gold making site! Pretty cool huh? Why not head on over to his site and let Sparks know what you think :)

Congratulations to last week's Blog Spotlight: Skrooge who was already featured on Wowinsider's the Queue this week!

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Regarding Reverse Speculation and Icy Dragonscales:
Wiggin said...
I have over a thousand dragonscales, but I never paid more than 1.25g per...and I'm still buying a few stacks a day. It just seems my server (Cho'gall) either doesn't read your blog, or there is just too much supply. I know I won't make back my money quickly...but I hope to be one of the largest suppliers on my server. I plan to hit the market on patch day with 3 different toons with 3 different and increasing prices. Wish me luck!

To Wiggin: GOOD LUCK! Be sure to get all the other people that hoarded scales to post underneath your initial posts before undercutting with your other toons (I'm assuming that's your plan in the first place).

Regarding Back to Basics - Auctioneer Recap
Anonymous said...
Does auctioneer keep the data from different realms separate? I assume it does since markets vary from server to server, but I've been hesitant to use it on other servers with the fear it may skew the data on my main.

To Anonymous: Post a name next time, Don't be shy! Yes auctioneer keeps data between realms seperate.

Regarding Hunter Ammunition
B said...
Hey Marcko. Check out if you don't have it already. It uses auctioneer data to calculate your inventory etc so you can see how much gold you really have :)

To B: Cool!!!!


TONS of gold making ideas, blogs, and much more have reached my mailbox. I will do my best to work them into the site over the next several weeks. Keep sending in your tips and I'll continue to post them. Remember to let me know if you'd like to remain anonymous.


What will patch day hold for auctioneer? Will it cease to work with 3.1? How will you combat this? I'm considering posting all my glyphs the night before the patch hits, just in case auctioneer stops working with the new .LUA changes.

7 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday (4/10/09)"

  1. A few things I've noticed in the patch notes that will have an effect on some pricing/sales.

    Elemental water's value will plummet due to the it being removed from the mats for a popular JCing power-leveling item. I've been able to snag these as low as 3 or 4g per and sell them at 17-19g. So dump these before the patch!

    Also, goldclover is replacing fire leaf in the requirements for the endless rage flask. These have been getting cheaper and cheaper on my server so I've been buying them up by the boatload for <20g a stack. The price should spike shortly after the patch hits and the current supply is depleted.

  2. Posting the glyphs the night before the patch is a must :P

  3. I love Auctionlite.

    auctioneer is a little to much for me to learn at the moment lol

    After scaning the AH i love the fact if you mouse over things it will show you the price it sells in the AH for

    Some guy in tade chat just said wts Design: Champion's Monarch Topaz for 50g when Auctionlite said it can go for 900g +.

    so a really good mod

  4. I use auctioneer on my bank toon only. Is there a way I can see the auctioneer data (going prices, etc) on all my other toons without enabling the full auctioneer suite?

  5. Auctionlite does just that :D

  6. How do the prices rise on patch day?
    All the cheap things get bought and the higher prices stay, or does it happen differently?

    And how long does it take for it to happen? Some hours after the servers open up after the install of the patch?

  7. @Anon,

    It always depends on the situation. I think some of the changes will need a week or two for people to get recipes to use the stuff. On release day, everyone will be buying dual specs and then going to get glyphs so it should be a great day to sell any glyphs you can.

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    Making Blog

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