Suggestion Box Friday (4/17/09)

Suggestion Box Friday is your chance to be the blog writer! Use the topics I bring up in this post or write anything you'd like about making gold in wow. Make use of that comments section, I want to hear what you think too! :)

Community Spotlight

Check out Northrend Aoe which was a video response to my Dragonblight farming spot, and created by Gaur2k. His video has given me an idea for a contest that I will announce next week. Should be fun :)

Game Changes and Bugs

Lots of email about game changes and bugs. For instance, if you have an herbalist/miner you can see both on the map while searching for one of them. No idea if this holds true for the fish finder ability, if someone could try this I would really appreciate it!

Another pretty big game change is the fact that books are no longer needed for first aid, fishing, and cooking. That means that grabbing the book in bootybay for fishing is no longer going to get you a few easy gold anymore.

Have you noticed any other interesting changes or bugs with patch 3.1?

Thank you Saturas and Darkdemon for those changes/bugs.


Regarding being the lowest seller:
Nitemarre said...
hey, this is just a thought, but say you were to buyout the abyss crystals, and repost them, you may only be making 1g per auction, but aren't you fixing the prices (keeping them at 100g)? As long as supply isn't so huge it may be the desirable outcome.

To Nitemarre: This is a byproduct of selling consistently at market value and definately has a positive impact on future sales. Thanks for pointing it out.

Regarding Changes in 3.1 - Material Requirements
Archangel said...
I think you also need to see the big picture with "changes in patch 3.1": the changes to the reagents needed to craft useful leveling items like Smoking Heart.

Blizzard is removing a plethora of reagents from old world items/enchants, reagents that are currently, for some players, a decent amount of income : Greater Eternal Essence, Elemental Water, Hearth of Fire, Heavy Leather, Rugged Leather, Guardian Stone, strange items like Wicked Claw, Ironfeathers and the list may continue.

Second, they are reducing the mats needed for many old items/enchants: mageweave and runecloth bolts require 4 cloth instead of 5, thorium ore, dust essences, everything is less.So while Blizzard is aiming to help all the (leveling) players, not to waste time chasing these elusive or long time to get materials, I’m sure they will hit a good number of niche markets too.

Email - Success Story

Received an email with this picture, I'll keep the sender anonymous as I don't know his character name:

It took me a month and a half but I finally got my chopper and I did it from using the info from your site.




I'm holding onto all my item enhancement and recipe materials for after S6 starts, as many players haven't even upgraded a single item since patch 3.1 was released. I hope the glyph market has been generous to everyone involved and I am definately looking forward towards tonight and tomorrow for one last big hurrah of sales. This will probably be the last time we see glyphs in such high demand (unless of course there is another expansion in the future with 10 more levels).

13 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday (4/17/09)"

  1. Find Fish does not work with Mining, I can guarantee. I went on a fishing run yesterday in Dragonblight and passed a few mining nodes that didn't show on my map (I snagged them anyway).

    Also, I got a grey from the fishing daily reward yesterday that sold to a vendor for 100g. Anybody else found some awesome treasures like that in them?

    If I get it again, I'll remember to post the name of the item here.

    -Tufak of Feathermoon

  2. 100 Gold!? Holy crap that is a new item then. Nice find.

  3. What about looting players in Wintergrasp? Each player drops between 1 and 1.5g and if you stay in the zerg you can loot the enemies without getting killed. :-)

  4. Hey Markco, I got an idea for you, maybe for a future blog post. A post dedicated to 3.1, with a list of user submitted stories of their 3.1 market hits and misses.

    Personally, I made quite a bit the night before 3.1 dropped as I sold dozens of Bars and Ore. Surprisingly since then, the market has become flooded with certain low to mid level (60) ore/bars that I've begun to stockpile a few select items until the market returns to normal. I've been focusing on the ore and bars of gold, silver, trusilver, mithril, and thorium; particularly those with BOs less than 50% of normal market price.

    Another big hit I had was with the Formula for Smoking Heart of the Mountain. Bought the formula 2 days before the patch for 30g, sold it yesterday for 350g. Wewt

    As for misses? I got buuuurned on Icy Dragonscales. I was so excited to get them up, I forgot about the potential deposit costs. Lets just say I lost 100g posting scales. It seems to me that no one is buying them yet, which isn't that surprising. However I'm still finding sellers post their own for 1g...might as well buy those out...

    Overall I sure wish I invested more into glyphs. I know my sum is far less than others, but I've made about 700g since the patch dropped.

  5. I haven't posted a single scale myself. I like the idea of writing something explaining what to do now that the ah is flooded and my predictions of what will happen next. Also, compiling all the success and not so successful stories would be pretty fun.

    Thanks for the ideas and lol @Kring's post, that's a funny idea.

  6. Yeah, I'm going to wait for icy dragonscale prices to go up before I post any, you can't just expect the prices to instantly raise less then a week after 3.1's release.

  7. The item that you get from the fishing daily is:
    from the quest reward:

  8. I'm in a fairly casual 10man guild and we've cleared 3 ulduar bosses and the new VOA boss so far, as well as gotten two trash drops from Uld. However, nobody in the guild that got this stuff has had to hit the AH for enchant mats, etc. Why? Because we spent the last several months with Naxx on farm so we had a ton of enchanting mats stockpiled.

    I would hold on to your enchants/mats for a while. At least on my server, most guilds only have a few Uld bosses down and can probably cover the enchants with mats from guild banks or stuff they've stockpiled themselves while farming Naxx. I think that the start of S6 will be when you will start to see demand on mats start to increase a bit, since guilds are less likely to hand out free mats for PvP enchants that won't help in PvE progression.

    However, keep posting food and flasks/flask mats, since those we go through like crazy. Every attempt on a new boss means a new fish feast gets thrown down, and every hour spent is another flask that gets used. Our guild goes through 60 new flasks a night on progression nights, and we're just a 10 man guild. Think of all the flasks required by the 25 man guilds.

    I'd personally recommend flasks of pure mojo, and anything that helps with DPS. As a healer I've moved away from frost wyrm as my primary flask because regen got nerfed, and I'm finding a lot of Ulduar bosses are much more healing intensive (which is really fun, but I'm stacking mp5 buffs).

    Also, one last thing - haste potions. I know a lot of our DPS keep those and use them a LOT on DPS race fights since they can mean the difference between hitting the enrage timer and downing the boss.

  9. I was wondering what everyone else is doing in the new patch economy.

    All the prices are undercut to around 75%. I have no idea what will rebound and what wont. I made the mistake of buying a glyph book and only got the mind sear glyph, so Im in the hole a bit.

  10. Did the mailbox system change? I usually leave my items that didn't sell from AH in the mailbox until I need to re-post them (or have a box full of items that I sent out from my main). Before 3.1, the new items that expired or were successfully sold would always be shown (up to 50); then the old items were listed after (or hidden if there were more than 50 new items to pick up).

    After the patch, I only see a few new items pop up at a time, but the old items are always there. It is as if the old items have higher priority now over the new, unread items.

  11. Awesome farming spot. The best in my opinion.

    In Sholozar I was doing the oracles dailys (which I finally got revered today) theres a daily which requires killing 50 of a mob. If you go to (23,76) I think there is this little area where theres 2 mobs fighting and there surrounded by like 25 people. What I do is run in there agro all of them (about 7k hp each for 'em) and AoE them down. I'm a ret paly (keeping up conc aura and using a CD when things get ugly [which isn't alot]) they drop greys, 5 - 15s each and Runic potions plus other cooking food. They respawn extremly fast (30 sec for the whole group I think) just try it out.

  12. How do you track minerals AND herbs at the same time? Doesn't work for me. Or did I understand you wrong?

  13. Markco, the second farming spot in the video got a stealth nerf with the patch. Not sure if anyone told you yet, so I thought to bring it up. It was the best aoe farming spot in Icecrown and I'm sure many of us knew about it (Galoheart from Ardent Defender found it since PTR of WOTLK). The nerf addressed the loot table : they only drop cash now (few silvers to be more accurate). No cloth, no greens no other goodies.

    There are also three or four spots in Icecrown, similar to the second one in the video. They consist of lots of death knight initiates and one elite mob. Now, these mobs were a great xp farming for leveling. They gave huuuge xp compared to other mobs in Icecrown. Beside the loot nerf they also received, guess what else got nerfed too ? Cheers.

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