Suggestion Box Friday (4/3/09)

Suggestion Box Friday is your chance to be the blog writer! Anything goes as long as it pertains to accumulating gold in wow.

Blog Spotlight: Skrooge

Skrooge has a new blog, where he is aiming at making 25,000 gold starting with 100 on a server with no other supporting characters. I love this idea and tried it myself a while back, stopping at 1k gold. I highly encourage that other people try this as well, if nothing more than to improve your auction house skills. Did I mention it's fun too?

Comments of the Week

Regarding lockboxes requiring 405 skill to open:
Anonymous said...
The lockboxes no longer require 405 lockpicking. They've dropped down to 400. The epic gems are also no longer BOP. Another change in 3.1 is that the recipe for dark leather gloves no longer requires fine leather gloves. If you've been hoping to buy these patterns and sell them for a profit, you're out of luck.

Regarding winning bids on the auction house:

Regarding Selling Bags on patch day:
Ramsey said...
I apologize; I realize that my previous post was unclear. This is based on the PTR, which could obviously change at any time.Quivers are *NOT* disappearing.

The requirement that every hunter use one or have gimp DPS is going away, though. Jesse is correct that you can still use them as massive ammo bags if you really want to carry enough rounds to last you until the next expansion.

Personally, I'm going to drop mine for a real bag. I can fit all the ammo I need for an outing in 6-8 slots easily. Quivers will be worth a lot less come patch day, so if you have any laying around, try to get them sold ASAP.

I'm sure there are many hunters who won't know about this change until they read the patch notes.

Regarding Gems or Ore for patch day:
Sherry said...
Markco, I suspect non-unique epic gems will not come out in Ulduar if we compare it to burning crusade progression.

Taking naxx to be like t4, and ulduar to be t5, one could postulate that ulduar would still be using rare gems with the occasional unique epic stormjewel. This is especially since epic gems in BC did not appear until t6, from black temple and hyjal.

However, I totally agree with you that keeping gems in their most raw form allows you an amazing flexibility that will allow you to squeeze the most gold on patch day!

Blog Thoughts / Discussion

I wasn't happy with the blog this week. Posts I'd written weeks ago finally made it into my que, and they were obviously outdated in terms of patch 3.1 information. Since patch information is so volatile (literally changing every week) I think that I will refrain from making too many economic predictions on the subject from now on. If I see something amazing, I'll post about it. But otherwise I'd like to try and keep the blog on the 'how to make money now' track. What do you want to see? Do you like the 3.1 posts on items and economic predictions? Would you rather have more auction house strategies and farming spots?


10 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday (4/3/09)"

  1. Thank you for spotlighting me, Markco - it's much appreciated!

    It's always a gamble when trying to predict future demands - you can either reap great rewards or end up doing damage control.
    I, for one, enjoy your predictions - especially when other readers jump in to elaborate with further advice or corrections. It enables me to make up my mind whether this might be worth a gamble or not.

    That being said - and in spirit with the blog I'm writing myself - I'd love to see more general Auction House strategies since that's how I'm making a living in WoW.

    I'm still exploring the seemingly endless possibilities of Auctioneer and I have a feeling it has more to offer than I'm aware of, so I'd enjoy reading more posts on this too.

    In the words of Skrooge: "You's da man fo' shizzle ma nizzle!"

  2. Personally I like both economic predictions and AH strategies/farming spots, but as you said you need to be up to date on your predictions. You also have to be careful with what you're predicting because if you're wrong then people will blame you, regardless of how well-founded your prediction was. Just look at Jim Cramer (not saying his predictions are valid, just saying he got a lot of back-lash recently).

  3. One thing i haent seen mentioned is money from daily quests. I dont know if this is because you dont feel that daily quests give a good source of income but with certain areas ive been pulling in 400-500g every night, not includign green adn AH drop items.

    If you have any, what are your favorite daily quests, or daily quest areas?

  4. I find your predictions to be instructive. They're more examples of money making mentality. Just like some of your farming tips get nerfed, your predictions become obsolete. But the thinking behind them is not. They help me think about how to research my next money maker.

    Its not like you say: "buy this, buy that". You explain why you think it'll be a money maker. And people can follow up and explain why they disagree. So the discussion is helpful too.

  5. Agreed. It is very useful to hear the thought behind the predictions than the predictions themselves. I would suggest that you continue predictions :) I find them fun.

  6. Hey Marko, I have read your guide and comments before and you should make a guide for the stonguard band .... the one when you make the stonguard bands then DE them. I have read in other posts that you have mentioned this, but you have never made an actual guide for it. Since the new patch is coming out soon you may want to do this because enchanting mats are going to raise. I predict its going to raise 30-50%. GL,

  7. Thirtythree said... April 3, 2009 at 5:48 PM

    I agree on the 'post more money-making-stuff'. I enjoy these kind of messages. Very informative and to the point.
    On another note, I find myself having a problem. I use Auctioneer daily, and I'm able to get some pretty nice deals from time to time. However, I don't know what kind of goods I should focus on. Right now I'm just bidding on stuff that makes a profit and I have ended up with a huge stockpile of basically every kind of item to sell. I feel I should maybe concentrate on one kind of item, to maximize my effort/profit ratio, if something like that even exists :)
    How did you decide what kind of item to focus on?

    Kind regards


  8. Vellinthy-Hakkar: Here -

  9. Thirtythree,

    the entire philosophy behind auctioneering is not to focus on a few lucrative markets (every auctioneer will do that), but to aim broad AND working the lucative markets. Sweeping up the good deals and sell them gives you a steady income that will never be lowered by competition (at least not as much as, say, reselling Saronite/Titanium Bars in 1x stacks).

    Over time you learn what items you know will sell (like Mojos and old world Essences) and those you will buy even if you only make a 50s (batch post ftw).


    I too doubt we'll see epic gems in Ulduar. It was not until T6 content they droped in TBC - and they will pretty much destroy any Saronite/JC business if too common, which they will be if they drop in Ulduar as people gear up.

  10. Bravo Peter, excellent post.

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