Suggestion Box Friday - Gold Contest

Suggestion Box Friday is your chance to be the blog writer!

It's a very special friday, because today I'm announcing the first gold making contest for Just My Two Copper!

Overview: The idea behind this competition is to show off some of the cooler ways that players make gold in this game with a new format: Youtube. The contest will end May 20th at midnight and the top 3 youtube videos will be awarded a free 20kleveling guide as well as a post featuring their videos. In order to decide the top 3 videos, I will first pick 5 to place on the site for voting. You, the readers of this blog, will then get to choose the top 3 of those 5 to be the winners.

How to enter the contest: Simply create a youtube video and email me a link to it via the 'ask markco' image at the bottom of the blog. Once you've created the video and received a confirmation email from me that I have seen your video all you have to do is wait for the final decision on May 21st. On May 21st I will release a poll with the top 5 videos and then I will allow the readers here to pick their three favorites. I will let the poll go for atleast one day to decide the winners.

Criteria for the videos:

  • Appropriate for children over 13.
  • Showcases a creative method for making gold.
  • Only one method per video.
  • Mention somewhere in the video that it is for the Justmytwocopper gold contest.
  • The video must reach my email box prior to 5/21/09 12:00 AM EST.
You may send in as many videos as you like, but only one will be picked as your best for the top 5 poll.

Community Spotlight:

Thought I'd give a shout out to AHTrader, a new blog that has come up with an interesting twist on gold making advice... saving time! Head on over and show your support of this idea, as well as read through some of the posts.


Regarding Auctioneer Suite 5.4
Wiggins said...
My auctioneer hasnt been working properly, I cant use the /aadv getall function. I type it into the AH search and nothing happens. If I try to simply type it into the chat plane, I get DCd. This was happening before the patch too.

To Wiggins: The /aadv getall function is no longer necessary! Auctioneer now allows you to click on the fast forward looking button at the top of your search tab to activate the same feature.

Regarding Banking Again... the Importance of Space
Darkdemon said...
I really belive the best bank alt is a dwarf or a gnome, 1) Its really easy to get to ironforge if you are careful.. 2) Ironforge is the center of trades nowdays you only walk straight for bank to auction house.. 3) Gnome girls are cute =]

To Darkdemon: #3 is so full of win lol.

Regarding Upgrades and Inflation - Not Happening this Time
bubu said...
Thanks for the info m8, i kinda seen that going out on AH.the listing increased by almoust 20% in mats and glyps, people are still putting tons of glyps on the AH and prices droped a one buys...only thing it sells good for me are fish... :D
Enjoy ur fishing :P :P

To Bubu: Fishing rocks!
Regarding Auctioneer, Where's My Data?
Anonymous said...

My vendor search wasn't working either until I realized that you have to have Informant installed as well. Auctioneer pulls all the vendor prices from it so if its not there, the vendor search has nothing to compare to.


Will you participate in the gold contest? Do you like this idea? What do you think? Comment!

8 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday - Gold Contest"

  1. Hello again Markco,

    This definitely looks like fun!

    As for video recording programs, I only know of Fraps and WeGame (crashes my game if I attempt to alt tab while using it).

    Are there any other good video recording programs out there you care to reccomend?

    This gives me an excuse to play with that Windows video editing software finally!

  2. haha I use fraps personally, I think there's a good one called gamecam or something.

  3. "Appropriate for children over 13."
    Did you mean under 13? It doesn't seem to make much sense otherwise :D

  4. If you're thinking in movie terms, it would be PG-13

  5. Might want to include that casinos don't count, as they are changing the ToS to make them illegal. Also, they are illegal on EU servers.

  6. I think that would be covered by "PG-13" since I do not know of casinos that allow 13 year olds to gamble there. This would also rule out Mailbox Dancing. :)

  7. This isn't necessarily on topic with the post, but I have a question that I'd like an opinion on.

    Is the twink market dead?

    There's been a ton of chatter on my realm that twinks are dead because of the recent nerfs to enchants for players under certain levels. The AH seems to reflect this thought. Lately, I've seen some decent (not good, but decent) blue twink-ish items going for ridiculously low prices! I'm talking less than 10g for a decent twink item. I, as a businesswoman, have snatched these up for resale, but I'm curious of your opinion. Did the patch changes make the twink market on gear, pots, and reagents obsolete?

  8. One of the hardest things is determining what's actually available to sell. What I do is a zone run - on my Naxx-geared mage, I run from one end of a zone to another, killing everything in my path, gathering stuff. Then I send all the non-grays to my bank alt and see what's hot and what's not in AH from that zone. Works well with a mid 30s zone like Arathi Highlands where, as an arcane mage 80, I can one shot every mob with arcane barrage and never have to stop running to cast.

    Sometimes, there's a mat or raw food that just isn't in AH - and Auctioneer will never know about it or price it for you - because other than folks leveling through that zone, no one farms it. You won't know until you find out, though, so do your zone runs!

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