WG Herbing Route

Bane has done it again! Here's his WG Herbing Route which I highly recommend all you herbalists out there take a look at.

If you are interested in the location of eternals in wintersgrasp, check out my map here.

3 comments: on "WG Herbing Route"

  1. I can barely see it...

  2. Personally, I use: Gatherer, Cartographer and a nifty little addon called Routes.

    Routes can calculate the most efficient way to reach all of the nodes, be it mining, herbalism or whatever that Gatherer has collected and show them on your world or minimap along with a flightroute.
    Cartographer even supports showing of waypoint arrows.

    For this particular zone, I'd go with Bane's route though, since Routes is best used in flyable zones.

  3. Actually that picture was made by someone and then almost everyone copy pasted it and claimed it was their's here is it in higher quality
    (this ones like over a month old so it might not be correct anymore)


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