WOTLK Farming Spots - Sholozar Basin Gorillas

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Gorillas of Sholozar Basin!

Stats: Easy to kill mobs with quick respawn rates and lots of closely packed groups.

Drops: Chilled meat and furs. If you need either, I suggest farming here. The grays are decent too.

See video for location, Good Luck!

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  1. Wikipedia - Borean Tundra said... April 23, 2009 at 11:00 AM

    When it comes to farming for food, the sholzar gorillas are my favorite for chilled meats. To farm the rest of of the common meats: I go to the storm peaks for mammoth meat and pull that pathing packs to farm quickly(right in between brunnhildar village and dun niffelem), you can farm worm meat here as well with all the jormungar here and in the cave, and I farm Shoveltusk flank by westguard keep in Howling Fjord (the packs to the east are low leveled and easy to farm).

  2. I farmed there a lot before I started reading this blog. I have way too mcuh chilled meat on my alts, it is practically unsellable on my server, but the borean leather drops are nice. I could probably farm 10 stacks of borean leather in an hour on my balance druid by casting barkskin and hurricane, it usually only takes one cast of hurricane once I MF the mobs to aggro them.

  3. This is exactly where i go when i run out of chilled meat for the cooking dailies.

    I usually spend 20 minutes and farm like 5 stacks--the drop rate rules.

  4. What's fun is to farm gorillas as a hunter using... a pet gorilla. Betrayed by one of their own!

  5. I did a tonne of farming here as i stalked Loque nahak on my hunter. Perfect easy grind with an aeo pet.

  6. I tried this spot and it's not bad. However, I found that I made more gold from skins and drops in general by farming the mammoths in Storm Peaks. See this article here:


    Of course, your mileage may vary.

  7. Be warned those with limited bag space, both the Hardknuckle Chargers and the Hardknuckle Foragers drop 'Hefty Barrels' , which while they vendor well individually, do not stack. This won't be that much of a problem for anyone not hated by the Frenzyheart as you can clear your greys at the conveniently situated vendors on Frenzyheart Hill.

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