2350 Weapon

Oh baby, look at this hot weapon. I may be the only warrior in the world who is going to shelve this in the bank after using it. Woot, thanks to my teammate thunderion, I hope to see him with his weapon in around two weeks. #1 Prot warrior in the world with the best 2h in the game. Life is good! :D

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  1. hot_boy_ronald said... May 27, 2009 at 2:44 AM


  2. Should totally make a PvP movie. I don't even care if it is edited that much, I would just love to see some prot PvP action.

  3. Wow, I almost didnt know what to say when I saw that. Inspiring actually.

  4. Just insane dude. I play a "faceroll comp" and could never dream of getting that rating. Are you still playing with a Holy paladin?

  5. Yes, playing with thunderion. Thanks guys!

  6. Nice! I just made my first arena team recently and I HATE this weapon purely because I know I will never reach the rating to actually use it.

  7. I hate you so much :( gratz though ^^

  8. Are you also playing as prot in Arena? Or is prot jsut your mainspec, but do you run with a different spec in arena?

  9. prot for arenas :D

  10. Lol, thats plain imba. Got some video fragments of it?

  11. Working on getting a live stream going, XFIRE didnt' work out so well for me.

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