Children's Week

I've been receiving emails like CRAZY about the cupcakes you can make and sell during children's week. Definitely take advantage of them! I'd love to post all the emails but I literally have a dozen of them all saying the same thing.

Remember this link? Were you prepared for the chocolate cake craze that I predicted?

Here's a great email regarding the foods you can purchase or cook to make some money from this holiday:

Hey Markco,

Just want to put a quick tip out there for those that are looking to make some money off Children's Week.

The achievement "Bad Example" requires that you eat seven foods:

I've had some success collecting/crafting these foods and selling them as a package - as 100g for the 7 foods required for the achievement. It really is astounding how many people will spend money to save themselves some time (or perhaps they don't know where to get them?)

Anyway, the foods and where you get them (first 5 are from vendors, last 2 require cooking to make)

Tigule and Foror's Strawberry Ice Cream - Thousand Needles (racetrack) or Nagrand Innkeepers
Red Velvet Cupcake - Dalaran, near north bank
Lovely Cake Slice - Dalaran, near north bank (buying a Lovely Cake creates 5 slices)
Dalaran Doughnut - Dalaran, near north bank
Dalaran Brownie - Dalaran, near north bank
Tasty Cupcake - Cooking, world drop recipe
Delicious Chocolate Cake - Cooking, recipe is from cooking daily quests.

Happy Children's Week!


Here's how Palmolive of Magtheridon is doing:

Hey Markco,

I found a pretty good gold maker, for this week anyways. Tasty Cupcakes, required for the children's week achievements, only take 2 four (bought from a vendor) and 1 Northern Egg (Found in Northrend) and they make 5 at a time sell for 12 gold a piece on the AH for those trying to do the achievements.

I Sold about 20 or 25 last night. You can also buy the vendor related foods and sell them in the AH for the lazy people.

Great Blog.


Here's how Glinda is doing with her delicious chocolate cakes, another great seller this week:

Mageroyal (3) 2g55s00c
Small Egg (8) 8g00s00c
Simple Flour (8) 00g02s00c
Ice Cold Milk (4) 00g05s00c
Mild Spices (4) 00g00s40c
Flask of Port (1) 00g01s25c

Total cost = 10g66s65c

I am currently selling these on the Auction House for 35g

An interesting spot to farm for allies:

Small Eggs are going for a bundle on my server right now because
everyone wants Delicious Chocolate Cake. Right outside Sentinel Hill
in Westfall are a large number of condors who drop them, and the
respawn rate is pretty nice.

Valorum, Dalaran server.

Check this link from wowenomics... very interesting information on post patch prices.

12 comments: on "Children's Week"

  1. Anonymous said... May 2, 2009 at 8:22 AM

    For Horde the best drop spot for the small eggs is just outside Silvermoon City, from the dragonhawks there.

    I was working on my leatherworker and would kill them, then send the eggs to my bank alt to save until yesterday, when I made three cakes (one for myself, one for my wife's main, and one that sold for 40g at auction).

    Keep in mind, folks, the crazy of buying the cakes likely won't last past the weekend.

    Most achievement hounds (like myself) try to get it all done within the first three days.

    -Tufak of Feathermoon

  2. You can also get the Tigule ice cream from Emmithue Smails, a vendor only present during the Childrens Week. He's located between the mailbox and inn in Stormwind City.

  3. Hi Markco,

    Thanks for the mention! I'm starting to wind up operations now but my full report on Children's Week can be found on my blog

  4. People are WAY underpricing chocolate cake. I've been listing for about 135-175g each and they've been selling like... well, cake.

    People NEED the cake for the achievement. There are comparatively few people who can manufacture them. Turn off the undercut in Auctioneer for at least one cake and list it at your dream price (within reason) and see if it sells.

  5. Anonymous said... May 2, 2009 at 9:32 AM

    I've just been buying the stuff from the vendor in dalaran and selling them individually for 10-15g each. Made 1000g so far.

  6. I was hoping to make more money, but all the undercutting has the Dalaran stuff at 1g each :( But money is money.

    I sold a few cakes for 100g before people starting undercutting. Since I didn't stock up enough on ingredients I'll keep them at price. They'll sell eventually.

    I also sell 4 milk (2g) and 1 flask of port (4g).

    The ice cream is also sold on the Zepplins from the snack-o-matic.

  7. For Children's Week and Winterveil the best small egg farming BY FAR is the wildkin just outside Auberdine, Darkshore. They drop at least 50% of the time, and you can't kill them all faster than they respawn. I farmed 120 eggs in 40 minutes yesterday, along with 8 greens and incidental grey trash.

  8. Missed your old post and the profit /. .\
    my fellow traders in my server had already chewed the market.

    But I am surprised that so many people had bought my 1g Tigule ice cream, while the Vendor is just next to Stormwind City Mail Box = ="

    (They actually takes more time to go to the AH and Mail Box, right?)

  9. Anonymous said... May 2, 2009 at 6:56 PM

    First of all, for Small Eggs the best place to farm em is in Eversong Woods. The mobs are level 5-8 or so and they all have a 100% to drop one egg, many times two. As a lvl 80 warrior I could get 100eggs in 15mins just running around smashing the hawks.

    As for the cakes, as so ppl already mentioned, you guys have been underpriceing the cakes. I sold the chocolate cakes for 100-150g the first day. The dalaran cakes (the ones you buy from the vendor) I've sold for 10g each the whole first day.

    In total made about 4.5k-5k gold from purely selling cakes the first 24hrs of this event. Now the market is destroyed for obvious reasons.

  10. Hey Marcko, thanks for the link. I'm assuming you are referring to our post on the post 3.1 economy:

    We'll be following that one up in a couple of weeks to test if those specific items are in decline or recovery.

    Thanks again and keep rockin'!


  11. Really helpful comments everyone :)

  12. And I missed them all.

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