Cobalt Route in Howling Fjord

Last friday Vennren added a comment to the post: Smelting My Gold, which I thought was so good that it deserved some front page time.
Vennren said...
My bad, typo in link, so here is the fix for the cobalt route(s) I go through; Cobalt Route.
Click the link for a higher quality image!

It just so happens that so many people farm saronite ore that cobalt sometimes sells better and is easier to come by. Like the author, I found Howling Fjord to be the best place in the game for farming cobalt ore.

On my server cobalt ore is either in large supply or completely gone, and this is due to the fact that there are never enough people farming it to supply one or two others powerleveling a profession like blacksmithing, jewelcrafting or engineering. When the supply dissappears I usually post 4-6 stacks for outrageous prices and laugh when they sell for as much as 60 gold a stack.

Even if you don't snipe like the example I just gave, you can still farm cobalt very quickly and get decent money for your time.

If you go the route of prospecting the ore than remember to also cut the gems for maximum profit. Red, yellow, and orange gem variations sell the best.

7 comments: on "Cobalt Route in Howling Fjord"

  1. This is great, I love routes, as playing the most efficient way possible is, to me, the best way possible.

    And I'm leveling up mining at the moment to support my Jewelcrafting profession as well, which is also being leveled.

    Quick note Markco, about JCing, according to a bunch of my PVP buddies, there were some changes to engineering making a lot of the items not work in PVP anymore. Because of that, they claim, all those engineers are now rolling JC. I haven't taken their word for truth, but copper ore shot up last weekend from 5g a stack to as high as 20g a stack, but leveled off around 12g and has since returned to about 6-7g. However now I'm seeing rising prices in tin ore as well.

  2. Another interesting point- if the price of enchanting mats justifies it, you can often craft reinforced cobalt blacksmithing pieces for DE. On my server, any time cobalt is under 20g a stack and eternal water is under 8g each, this is profitable.

  3. Wiggin you raise a great point. Expect thorium to shoot through the roof as well.

  4. I hope to Markco! Simultaneously as my server's prices of Copper, Tin and Bronze shot up 50-100%, the market was flooded with thorium ore. I picked up 30-40 stacks for 15-17g a piece!

    I will be following that market very closely to see when to hit it. Thorium has traditionally been a stable market, it looks like the market just got over saturated with a couple sellers dumping their supply. But I am confident this market will return.

    Now if I could just say the same for Chilled Meat.

  5. Unfortunately on my server there's plenty of cobalt ore to be had on the AH. What I do is watch for it to drop significantly below 1G a piece and when it's around 80S a piece, I buy it. Then I re-sell when it's over 1G.

  6. About the thorium, if they JC, they will need the expensive gems (azerothian diamond, star ruby, blue diamond and huge emerald), these are all prospected from thorium but most people don't have the required JC level to do it yet when they level their profession.

    If the thorium price goes up, so does those gem prices, but barely anyone seems to prospect these to make a profit.
    I'm usually able to buy thorium between 60-100g a stack and sell my azerothian diamonds and huge emeralds between 30-45g each (about 4-6 gems total if I'm lucky).

    And this is what I consider quite easy money, exploiting prices which are going up for your own use =)

  7. Sheesh Vennren...your server's economy is crazy! My server sells stacks of thorium ore for 20-40g and their prospected gems for 4-8g, depending on the gem and the time of day.

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