Darkmoon Faire - Artic Furs?

Not sure if anyone has said anything about this before, but Lhara always has some good stuff to buy and resell. I've bought some Arctic Furs a few times which she sells for 12g and resold them for 50-60g on Detheroc. She also sells some gems and herbs and restocks her stuff about every 20-30 minutes. Enjoy!

Dome - Detheroc

Great tip, I had no idea she sold artic furs! What a sweet may to make some easy gold. Thanks for the tip.

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  1. On a completely unrelated matter, I have two auctioneer questions. The first, is there anyway to view the value of an item even when you don't have it in your bag, in the AH or it is linked in chat?

    Also, when pimping out my bank alt, is there anyway that's easy to view items on the character, because auctioneer seems to disable the ctrl+right click to view function?

  2. The command to the dressing room is Ctrl+click, not Ctrl+Right-click. If that is not the problem, you might be clicking the wrong spot. You have to Ctrl+click on the item name, not the picture which gives you the stats on mouseover.

  3. Back onto the original topic...campling Lhara and the professor next to her USED to the be the best moneymaker in the game...Lhara sells black lotus, fel lotus, herbs, nighteye, living ruby and assorted leather - all of which was highly profitable before the new expansion....Now, WORLK gems that she sells cost the same as in Dal, and the only things worth buying are the herbs, the artic fur and the rare occasion she sells a frost lotus. The prof sells scrolls which don't sell anymore now we got inscription.

  4. Been telling people about this on my blog for ages.
    I actually created a Darkmoon Faire alt for this purpose, a character which stands there every day for 7 days and which I log into for 30 in the morning and 30min+ in the evening to buy respawning mats from Llhara.
    With approx 200G you can easily make 500+G.

    Arctic fur is a rare buy from Llhara.
    Her best items are the mid/high range leathers as they spawn a lot.
    Purple and Frost Lotus
    Talandra's rose
    Mote of Water/Earth/fire etc.

    The professor standing next to her is also a great source of income and cheap prices as his lvl 70 scrolls normally sell for double on AH (specially Intelligence Scrolls) and the mana and health potions are cheap, thus I normally buy quite a few for myself and my lower level guild members guild.

    This is in my personal opinion the most underrated money making event in the game, as after a week of constant buying from Llhara, I have a constant highish income from the mats bought.

  5. Too bad that on many high pop servers, arctic fur has dropped to 10g on the AH

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