Dream Shards - Deja Vu

Do you remember this post?

Do you remember the reaction that most people gave when dream shards remained the same or even dropped a little in price?

Well now that the dream shards are finally becoming rare (there are no methods for crafting and disenchanting to gain them anymore) well guess what... the price is DOUBLING. I've seen it go from 11->15->40->20->18->33->18 in the past week. As you probably guessed I gleefully sold dozens of them for double or more of my initial investment oh so long ago.

If you stuck it out and held on to your shards get ready for a nice payday. Just goes to show you that when everyone is doing one thing it's probably wise to take a risk and try to do the opposite.

For those of you who lost faith and sold your shards ages ago... Don't worry I forgive you, I actually sold off more than half of my stockpile at break even prices because of the damn disenchantable legguards that blizzard finally nerfed. Now there is no way to get shards except for instances and world drops... which means prices are gonna go up.

How are they doing on your server?

I checked the JMTC forums and low and behold this is being discussed here.

12 comments: on "Dream Shards - Deja Vu"

  1. In my server? Seriously I dont know. I sold them too with like 5% profit, I thought it won't be good to hold them any longer. Then when I saw them with double price then I bought them I said "crap". Since then I didn't even take them a look, because it makes me so mad.

  2. PS: That "then" wants to be a "than", sry I failed here :D

  3. Déjà vu ;)

  4. Dude... I make tonnes of dream shards by DEing blood sun necklaces and jade dagger pendants. Manufacturing costs are high 6g for the eternal earth, and anywhere from 4g to 8g for the gems. I still sell the shards for 20 to 24g.

  5. @Last Anonymous: As prices continue to go up those kinds of methods will become viable. :)

  6. 8g to 18g these past two weeks on my server. i'm a happy HJB as i had about 40 stacks of them from pre-patch. 6 tab personal guild banks are neat sometimes because you forget what's in your stash.....

    "oooooh dream shard prices came back, i have some of those. holy crap i have SOME of those."

  7. I've actually seen a spike in other enchanting mats as well. Particularly Strange Dust and Soul Dust (my go-to dust markets). On my server, Strange is going for about 2g more a stack than 2 weeks ago, and soul dust 3-4g more per stack.

    Markco was right when he said enchanting prices were going to drop, and it was time to buy. Wish I had more stock.

  8. I guess i'm slow, i just calculated teh costs for most of the 78 blues, they are pretty high, ie 10 HBL and an eternal. So, like 50g or more per item. So its not useful to make these things exclusively for DEing.

  9. Im still selling the fu***ng LPS from TBC with more than 75% loss on my investment...

    It wasn't wise to do the opposite back then when they removed the CD from void shatter...

    But you're right, the dream shard I didn't buy went up in price... I'm sucking it up twice. :-)

  10. I got about 400 Dream Shard just after christmas at about 5-10g each, now selling them at 15-25g each.
    Pays to wait, this was always coming once the bulk of the people got past the Heroic stage of the expansion, it happened with TBC as well.
    Dual specs, new season and more gear equals a far higher rate of consumption on Glyphs and enchant mats.

  11. Icy dragonscales still have not raised in price on Coilfang.

  12. @noak.
    Yeah I'm still pulling in a stack or two every 2-3 days at below vendor price. Turning around and having a LW buddy make them into leg armors, I just eat the Frozen Orb cost.

    This is not on the same sever, though. But who knows, they might pick up eventually. The really odd thing is that the AH's stock is pretty low, one-two pages tops, when it used to be about 4. But still really low prices. maybe most people gave up.

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