Eternal Belt Buckles Again

Man alive, do those Eternal Belt Buckles sell quick! I grab the mats cheap and post the buckles for 15-30 gold profit!

Breakdown of mats:
Eternal Earth - Random, constantly fluctuating market because people will suddenly buy them up for disenchanting. I buy when they drop below 6.5 gold.
Eternal Water - Purchase on weekends. I buy at around 5 gold.
Eternal Shadow - Purchase early in the week. I purchase at 6.5 gold or less.
4 Saronite Bar - Purchase in stacks of 20 for the best deal almost any day. 26 gold a stack is about the best I can get.

So one belt buckle at a decent price for mats would be 24.4 gold. Resell for 40-60 gold for some easy profit.

Best part is that these items are in HUGE demand because pvp belts are pretty much free right now and best in slot for all pvper's. I suspect the market will stay strong for 1-2 more weeks.

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  1. These are my primary money maker and I sell 20-40 every two days by taking 5 gold less profit than every one else on my server. Every once and a while the price of once material or another will spike and I take a break until it comes down, but some one always wants a quick gold soon enough.

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  3. Those buckles were always selling like cray-zee but they sell even more now, with Ulduar and new session (am I right?). But it's kinda hard to find friendly BS who is willing to craft tons of those for me, and they also sometimes catch the idea and start mass producing, so I have no profit for a few days.

  4. They have always been reasonably regular sellers. Occassionally someone will undercut too low to be profitable. However, they don't move THAT well. Guess it depends on the server. I'm the 30% side of the 30/70 split.

  5. Yeah, my server economy is completely screwed up, some of the main money makers people have recommended including the rings made from the eternal earth or eternal and shadow and then disenchanted are barely profitable. I have been able to bring in an extra 750-100g since I started reading. I think there probably are some markets I just haven't discovered yet. I am curious to see if anyone else has a weird economy like I do on Lothar US horde side

  6. Hey Valrot, server differences are both frustrating and interesting.

    I recently transferred from Cho'Gal to Frostwolf and the differences are huge. Cho'Gal was high pop, with over 40k items up on the AH on a regular basis, while Frostwolf never hits 30k auctions.

    My current server's population just seems lazy, I don't see a lot of regular competition. However I am constantly dealing with bulk sellers. Several times a week several markets I am involved in go from 2 pages of items to just a handful. It is interesting and makes timing even more important.

    @Markco, What is up with Chilled Meat? My server's market has tanked! a stack are going for less than 3g! I already bought about 100 stacks for 3.5g each hoping I dry up some of the supply and the demand rises by the weekend, but that hasn't happened.

    Do you think the market for chilled meat will return?

  7. Chilled meats sell best on raid nights when people are rushing to create a few great feasts for their raids.

  8. Chilled Meats are no more.. its all about FISH FEAST... with Wintergrasp having all 3 fish for the feast on random, as in no pools, and Fish Feasts not BOP anymore. i'd say thats a good chunk of the price. ALSO. everyone is fishing for a few reasons right now, 1, the mount, 2, the dailies.. dont expect chilled meat to go back up at all IMO.

  9. *sees two pages of these buckles up reagularly on my server* *checks mats for the buckles* eww. ok, not business I'm gonna go for XD

    I read about the changes to lower level LW stuff so that the items are useful for lvling and twinking. I see that there aren't anyone investing into the not-so-notable ones since the patch so I'll go into that area. I feel happy about being able to help lower level by buying their leather ^_^

    I still haven't made any steps on trying out the herb-ink-glyph market. Ah wells~

  10. I found a way to sell my chilled meat! There is a cooking daily that requires 4 chilled meat, so I sell the meat for 75s to 1 g per stack of 4, which works out well enough for my server, where a stack of 20 is 3g.

  11. The real problem is the untapped millions that could be made through education.

    Most M&S (stolen acronym from greedygoblin) don't know or understand what this item is. You have to teach them what it is - and then they really want it...

    There are actually people who don't gem or enchant because they don't know any better. I have a couple IRL friends who just make me want to scream with this... But like a "Nice Frienly heplful ppl" I guide them towards mediocrity from their current position.

    I have been considering holding seminars for people to get them acquainted with this information, just to help the economy...

  12. they don't sell well on my server. people are selling them for like 30g

  13. (wiggin stole my name! what a cool name, isn't it? Orson Scott Card ftw)

    Anyways, I have a similar problem on Crushridge, Alliance side. I'll find some sweet deals every week or two, and then some bank toon with loads more stock and gold to blow seems to just flood and obliterate.

    Examples of little niches I've found and lost almost by the 7th day of profiting from them...

    Saronite Ore x 20 = 15g on a nice busy day.
    Found a huge rush of Twilight Opals uncut for only 8G each.

    Made 25 Heartseeker scopes. Selling them only three at a time (so as not to flood) at 50-70G ea. depending on competitors.

    Not even three days into that, and now there's 50-60 of the scopes each day for two weeks solid, listings as low as 28g for one.

    saronite ore is still cheap, but uncut twilight opals just spiked and are holding at 30g each.

    So it's 70+ G to craft, and they're listing at 28-30G for the item. Crapola. I guess I'll have to wait it out with my 18 leftover scopes.

    Low-level pigments = 15-18g per 20 stack. The herbs to mill them = 1-3g per stack. Profit, right?

    Yeah, for two days, now three bank toons have silverleaf up from 3G a stack to 18G a stack, and the pigments are cut by about 30%, but none of them sell, I tested that by severely undercutting again, havent moved in almost a week.

    Guess I'll just keep poking around. My best bet is my enchanter friend to DE my stacks of greens, while my hunter just makes 120 Heavy borean leather at a time. But that moves erratically too, even with my "priced to move" mentality on it.

  14. Oddly enough on my server Trollbane US there is not market for this item. No one sells it.

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