Forum Time - Join in the Fun!

The Just My Two Copper Forum is now online!

Here's how I'm going to manage this forum:

I'm not, sort of. This will be a 'free market' forum where you can post whatever you want (within reason and following forum guide lines of course). My philosophy will be to avoid posting in topics unless moderation or extreme action is required.

I ask that every person who reads this article go and contribute something to the forum, be it a question, an answer, a suggestion, or just whatever pops into your mind. Get as much information as you can into this thing and it will become a truly valuable tool for everyone.

Feel free to use the forum as a chance to show off your blogs or websites and make use of the 'Link Love' section for this purpose.

Please also use the forum as a place to ask questions and get answers from the readers of this blog.

Most importantly... HAVE FUN WITH THIS!

7 comments: on "Forum Time - Join in the Fun!"

  1. Second person to log in! This forum is going to be a wealth of info beyond the imagination. Thanks again!

  2. awesome forum!
    Third to log in => jeuj! (read: whoohoooo!)

    If everyone uses it ok, it's going to be the new source for AH Questions!

    Well done Markco!

  3. Excellent Markco!

    I'd reccomend adding a link to the left hand side of your blog so we can find it easily once this post gets buried!

  4. Poof! Link added.

  5. *extreme happiness washes over Kohaku*

    *dashes to the Forum*

  6. First to make a topic ^.^
    Yay. Great Idea marcko

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