Forums Upgraded AGAIN

I have Great news! I'm upgrading the JMTC Forum site's hosting capabilities to keep up with the incredible amount of storage the forums will require. Just think, in 3 days you all created almost a 1000 posts... imagine how much space is required for that!

So I purchased the upgrade and it should happen within a few hours today. Be warned that a few posts may be lost during this juncture though my hosting provider assured me that losing posts is a rare occurrence.

Consider this a gift to an amazing community :)

If you are reading via feed, today's actual post is here.

4 comments: on "Forums Upgraded AGAIN"

  1. Gift very much appreciated! :D

  2. Good News: Update finished and no posts lost!

    I can't wait to see everyone come back and post again, already 102 users signed back up.

  3. Well, posts are just bits of text stored in a database, it doesnt really take a lot of diskspace/bandwidth ;)

  4. Lol you'd be shocked :D

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