Glyph Business Alive and Well

Fools, all fools! I tell people that I can make 500-1k gold a day off glyphs and they call me a liar!

Sure there isn't the demand that came and went with patch day, but there is always going to be a need for glyphs. To understand the value of glyphs currenlty you need to follow one simple rule: The price of your glyphs must be higher than the going rate of one ink of the sea. Some glyphs cost two inks, in which case they must be worth atleast double the rate of two inks of the sea.

If you follow this rule and look through the auction house you'll find tons of glyphs worth selling. In fact, you'll probably find plenty of no shows which you can post at a price of your choosing.

Now part of the reason the glyph business goes so swimmingly for me is due to the fact that so many players are unaware of its potential. Even with this post, the stereotype will remain and I'll laugh my way to the bank. Care to join me?

Next time someone tells you inscription is a useless profession since the patch has passed you can just give them a smug "sure is" and go empty your mailbox.

STILL don't believe me? Go see how Gevlon of the Greedy Goblin made out with his glyph business among several others.

There is a discussion going on currently at the JMTC forums on this issue as well.

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  1. For the record, I make at least 1000g a day off of glyphs. The trick is to buy cheap herbs and post a lot of glyphs people want. People who are interested should start by making 5 glyphs of each type that sell for more then 10g. Undercut people if you need to, if no one is selling, put the glyphs up for 30g.

  2. Couldn't agree more Markco, I find it very funny that people often contrast our advice and say 'that's not possible' when we know for a fact it is because we do it ourselves every day.

    The fact of the matter is that there are so many ways to make gold, the best of which are to do what everyone else isn't. The irony, ofcourse, is that by doing something that is 'uncommon' and that many people haven't heard of they think 'not possible'.

    People would do well to remember that just because something is new or unfamiliar to them doesn't mean it is impossible. One need look no further than for examples. Or, here's a fun one, can you believe that these are actually real town names?!? (but be warned some adult language):

  3. I've been doing the glyph market on my server for the last four months or so, but as of yesterday I'm scaling back.

    It takes too much of my time to buy herbs, mill, and make ink. The profit margins and demand has decreased a fair amount as well. I'm now only doing 10-15 in demand higher profit glyphs.

    There are also several other Glyph-Mart sellers on my server, so that doesn't help.

  4. While it's less profitable than it was before 3.1, it still can fill our purses with gold. So it's far from being dead.

  5. I'm completely amazed by people making money on glyphs. I think I've researched what glyphs are the most valuable pretty thoroughly, and I can't move them even when I undercut, which leads me to believe that all the auctions priced above mine are expiring with no buyers as well. I have literally be unable give glyphs away at times.

    I hope I'm doing something wrong and that somebody can enlighten me as to what it is, because I fear it's an issue with my server.

    Aerie Peak is a pretty young server with few hardcore PVPers or hardcore raiders and lots of people leveling alts. I have found that a) most glyphs can't be given away, b) the more popular and valuable glyphs have to be listed several times to move, even if listed at a loss and undercutting competitors, and c) herbs sell for more than inks. I think this has to do with high lvl players spending gold to save time leveling their alts' crafting professions at the AH instead of through gathering. Further evidence: ores sell for a ton more than the same number of bars. The raw material will always more faster and sell higher than the refined material or finished product.

    Anybody else have a server like this? Any tips? Contradictions? All are appreciated.

  6. I got out of the glyph business a few months ago. I can believe that somebody is making money, but there are at least 3 people on my server who are heavily involved in selling glyphs, leading to any glyph that you put up being undercut very quickly. Not to mention the tedium of creating and listing hundreds of different glyphs. I suppose there are mods that help with this, but in the end it was too much work for too little return on my server. And all of this was pre-3.1.

  7. I also agree I make around 500g+ Off glyphs each day. Aside from my infinite dust they are provide my biggest turn over. They are still going wild and I love the fact that there are only a couple of people on my server using the market =)


  8. @Rachel:

    Too true. I don't care what everyone else in this group is saying, "Oh glyphs are the bomb for making loot!" How?! I've checked auctioneer, made spreadsheets of herb/pigment/ink prices, calculated the ones that should make the most net profit based on the AH, and can't sell crap!

    I've tried making just a couple to test the AH and see if they sell, when they sell, I make a bunch more. Then I end up with a stack of crap that never moves with the exception of the test one.

    I've been trying to sell stuff for months. The only moment that people bought my stuff was when everyone was duel-specing in 3.1.

  9. As an experiment I listed 2 of each glyph up to 400 skill on the Area 52 AH 3 weeks ago. I'm still trying to flog about a third of them and in the beginning I was matching existing prices, now i'm slashing the prices just to try and get rid of them and they still aren't moving.

    My real money maker has been buying cheap herbs to mill. The pigments and inks have been selling great and I make a profit even when buying the herb instead of harvesting.

  10. It is completely server dependent.

    ''Fools, all fools! I tell people that I can make 500-1k gold a day off glyphs and they call me a liar!"

    You can make that on your server. Some economies just don't allow for that kind of profit.

  11. I agree with the above post completely, although you can still make a decent amount of gold with glyph's I have found that since patch 3.1 a lot more inscripters have entered the glyph market. On my server prices have dropped by half because of the mass undercutter's and it is almost imposssible to find a glyph that is not on already up for auction.

  12. I found that making a ton of different glyphs, posting them 2 at a time and watching for undercutters is simply not worth it anymore. Instead, I found that simply selling inks is a lot easier, considering that I'm sitting on a ton of herbs. I'm a herbalist so I gather a lot of them.

  13. @Darth Solo: Frustratingly enough, herbs sell for more than inks on my server. I'm basically burning gold any time I mill.

  14. To me, inscription is too much like work and was not delivering any benefits or fun to my game. Especially with the way that Marco and Gevlin approach the profession.

    I dropped inscription for JC, and haven't looked back. I love trying to beat the RNG when I prospect, and then again when I cut gems. I love having the flexibility to change gems and around when I get new gear.

    I have never picked a profession for it's gold-making potential, but rather how my character will benefit from the profession. Being an enchanter/jc means that my gear is always gemmed and enchanted to it's max potential, enable me to get into content and break Scourge heads fast.

  15. The only way I would make 500-1k gold a day from glyphs(highly unlikely) is to be on the AH 24/7. I think Goblin and yourself are on some weird servers where competition does not exist. Having said this I pull more than 30k when 3.1 came online but this was based on getting lucky on some new glyphs.

  16. Yeah I myself am on launch server and tried my hands at the glyph market numerous times. There are really only 3 main people selling all the glyphs so I thought "Hey this is going to be easy". Unfortunately these guys live at their computers or something cause within an hour my glyphs are undercut no matter what time of day I post them up. I have even undercut by 35% and after being undercut by them I re-undercut by another 35% and guess what, There they are cheaper then me yet again. This method of course destroys any potential to make a healthy profit.

    I keep thinking I'm missing something as I have always been able to make tons of money in any market I entered on the AH, but I just can't figure this market out.

    Oh well off to make money on other things :D

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