Gold Contest Ends - Vote Now!

EDIT: is having some issues today, if the problems persist I will increase the polling time by one day. ~Problems resolved, I will stick to the one day polling time.

Well the submissions are in and I've broken them down to the top 5, it's now you're job to pick the top 3!

For easier polling I'm going to use the new Just My Two Copper Forum, so head there to vote on your favorite videos.

These are my top 5 picks, IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER:

Video #1 - Combine Dailies

Video #2 - DE Legs

Video #3 - Tourney Pets

Video #4 - Quickest Hodir Route

Video #5 - Snowfall Inks

Ok, you've seen the videos, now it's time to vote! Head on over to the forums and select 3 of the 5 that you enjoyed. Good luck to those involved and thanks to everyone who submitted but didn't get in. I'm going to make a post for those submissions that didn't get into the top 5 since I'd like them to get some link love for participating.

9 comments: on "Gold Contest Ends - Vote Now!"

  1. Video #2 is now defunct. The vendor price was lowered to 3G38s53c. I'm pretty sure any time something like that pops up, they kill it immediately.

    Good idea though. They might still DE for profit depending on the server's market....

  2. How long will they be available to vote?

  3. I'm going to allow voting for 1 day, unless there is an ungodly low turn out (Thursday is sometimes a very slow day for this blog) and then I will let the voting go for another day. Yeah consider Video #2 as a disenchanting tip only.

  4. Video2 still works, you just need to buy it for 6g instead of 10g to make profit...

    Same trick works for heavy netherweave -- amazing how much gold can be made buying cheap netherweave (<3g a stack) on AH and vendoring heavy netherweave bandages for 6g...

  5. I just made it so that guests can vote without logging in. Let me know if you are not a member of the forum and cannot vote.

  6. I think you should pull this video from the top. It no longer works, and if you can find a stack of 20 borean leather for 6 gold and under, good luck!

  7. Disenchanting them*

  8. I also followed video #2 for curiosity. When I found the vendor sale price was low, i tried to DE them. I think at worst I will break even, and at best, I will gain maybe 20% of my investment. This isn't worth it to me, spending an hour buying leather, making the item, DEing, it to make 20g profit or so. Your mileage may vary.

  9. Vid #1, you COULD do "Slaves of Saronite" while your over there....You get it from teh AC ambassador on Orgrim's Hammer, Alos if you wanted to you could do the Assaults(by Air and by Ground)from the Horde "encampment" just a little north of Ymirheim.

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