The Greedy Goblin Transfers

Greedy Goblin transfered 211k+ gold with his character between realms. How did he do it?

Look at this screenshot.

If you want to know the most expensive and profitable items on any server look no further than this screen shot. There are pets, relics of ulduar, epics, greater cosmic essences, inks, leg armor kits, and much more. There was one item he stockpiled that really stuck out to me: eternal earths.

I saw the earths and I really was stumped for about .0000375 seconds. Then it hit me, there are no inifinite dusts in his bags. Each stack of 20 earth could be turned into a maximum 50 infinite dust and I'm betting that's why he stored them. If you're curious what I'm talking about, check out this post.

Here's another thing that I found interesting: 40 khorium bars. Khorium bars make tons of gold sold individually, and it's a market I only recently discovered.

I bet that a lot of players wish they had the same problem as Gevlon!

For the Comments Section: So how did Gevlon do in your opinion?

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  1. What are all those pets he has stocked? I don't have many being sold on my server and I'm scared to buy the rare ones for 1k because I don't think I'll be able to find anyone to buy them for that much.

  2. Rare pets - Oozeling and any of the whelps - goes for anything around 2-6k on my server.

  3. Someone commented him about why he had eternal earths and he said it was simply because of price differences from the 2 servers

  4. @Rare pets: it's actually the market where I made quite a lot of money, especially with access to both horde as well as alliance AH on a pvp-server.
    Although currently prices are dropping, mainly because supply exceeds demand (My guess is that all the pet collector's have them and that's the only group of people that will actually buy the insanely priced pets).

    @Eternal earths: I think it is also safe to say that the higher price on his new server is also due to the further advancement in Ulduar, which has quite a few nice recipes dropping that require eternal earths.

    But yeah, Gevlon did an insane transfer of which I can only dream.
    @Markco: have you ever thought about transferring to another server with your main bank(s)? And would you manage the transfer? Same as Gevlon or would you try a different approach?

  5. Arggh, there is a 'how' missing...:
    *And how would you manage the transfer?*

  6. I don't know how he made so much money off glyphs,t he market for them on my server is trash.

  7. Gelvon is a fairly sharp operator who has never been on a server with real competition. I suspect he would do fine, but even the guys at WoW-Econ hae problems on my server. However, his world view is from the extreme end of the Randian school and will likely change as he ages, or it won't and he will become insufferable.

  8. how do you take eternal earth to dust?

  9. Mogrish of Moon Guard said... May 11, 2009 at 11:21 AM

    @infernix Probably thru jewelcrafting. Shadowmight rings take 2 shadow crystal and 1 eternal earth. He then DE's the ring. It's a pretty damn good way of making some cash. On my server I get get a stack of 20 eternal earth for 60 gold, and the shadow crystals go for about 40 silver, for a grand total of 20 de'able rings for 60.8 gold.

    The only problem here is that the rings are soulbound, so you have to be an enchanter and a jewelcrafter to profit from this.

  10. Mogresh of Moon Guard said... May 11, 2009 at 11:24 AM

    @Mogresh of Moon Guard

    That should have read "68g for 20 rings." My mind and fingers didn't link up there I guess.

  11. thanx Mogresh.

    I have a enchant/DE toon. Ill try that out

  12. Markco, just wondering-

    What do you think of Gevlon in general? You read his blog, but is this only for the (few) posts about actually making gold, or do you read his philosophy posts as well?

    Because his real life views are so messed up that I don't see how you could advocate anything in the "philosophy" section.

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