Icebound Revenants

Are you a miner? Are you a dps? Well then prepare to make some serious gold!

The mobs in this video drop crystallized air and can be mined for crystallized earth. Plus, they respawn so fast that you can clear the cave and the entrance will have respawned, allowing for continuous farming.

Oh did I mention they have a haste buff you can steal as well?

9 comments: on "Icebound Revenants"

  1. Hmm...too bad I'm not a miner :(

    Do any of you know a good way to make money with skinn/LW? Farming spot or whatever.

    Is it only me or LW a crappy money maker? I don't get that much gold by spamming server has like 250pages AH :S

    My alt is currently leveling enchanting/tailoring any tips will be apreciated :)

  2. --> Check out the forums!

  3. Man, now I'll see the occasional farmer farming my sooper sekrit farming spot!

    Honestly, thanks for all the tips, Marko.

    P.S. The next cave north of there has lil' balls of fire that have a very nice crystallized fire drop rate if you are unfortunate enough to not have an engineer.

  4. This looks great, I will definately try out on my mage

  5. Markco did you go back to using the basic blizz UI?

  6. Yeah I'll work on my UI later though, and your blog will help me lol!

  7. Markco, I love your blog, and since I've watched your first video now ... I love your voice too ^^ pretty cool and calm, and .. roarrrr ;) keep up the great work dude ;) and gimme more videos :D

  8. The corpses cannot be mined... /cry

  9. Corpses can be mined...I tried it last night. However, the crystalized drop rate wasn't too huge =/

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