Jadefire Inks

Many people already know about the Ink of the Sea to Snowfall Ink conversion however I found one better on my server. 20 Ink of the Sea trades in Dal for 20 Jadefire Inks. Nobody lists Jadefire inks on my server. I clear 9-10g per ink. 20 Ink of the sea - 60g 20 Jadefire inks - 190g in two days Doesn't sell in large quantities but I can sell a stack in two days. I usually do half Jadefire and half snowfall to clear them in one day sales.

Brynestar - Windrunner

Love the blog

Favorite part about this tip is that you said you limited the number of items you sold because you knew the demand was less than a full stack. Very good job :)

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  1. There are actually a couple of inks that I do this with that are more profitable than the Snowfall ink. Ink of the sea prices plummetted to under 1.5G each, and there are three different inks that sell for better than 4G each (nothing as high as the 9-10 the OP is speaking of). They sell slowly, and I have a crap ton of ink of the sea to exchange, but it is getting me there.

  2. I too have diversified a bit since my email to JMTC. Since dual specs and the slowing of inscription it can take longer to unload the jadefire. Prices now reflect 4-7g for a few inks but only pay 30-35g for ink of the sea. Not a super fast money maker but a I'm not complaining

  3. Funny you didn't allow my comment. I guess the truth hurts, eh? Look at the front page... 1 comment, 4, 3 and this one has two. You've even lost dozens of rss subscriptions. Your site is going to shit and I'm pretty sure you realize it. Time to give up?

  4. What are you talking about...

    LOL this reminds me of when I had 500 RSS readers and several readers suggested the blog was going to die. It's like people are rooting against me giving out free information or something lol.

  5. LOL ANON,

    Jealous much?

    Rock on Markco. Just added you to my RSS.

  6. Skrooge I just laughed so hard I almost choked on a piece of pizza. Good Game.

  7. I recently had a friend trade in some ink of the sea for a variety of lower level inks. The three that I found were in short supply and yielded a decent profit were:

    Jadefire Ink
    Shimmering Ink
    Celestial Ink

  8. Hi Markco, thx for all the tips!I noticed one thing on the site though. The Ding80-ad says "Level to 80 in seven days".
    It's now updated to less than six days actually.


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