JMTC Forums - A New Home

Sadly, all previous data, user accounts, and threads are gone from the old forum. So many users posted so many topics that the size limit was breached and the forum automatically turned off :(

This time however, I will be running the show and hosting the forum. Should we reach the cap I will buy more space and keep this awesome tool alive.

I managed to fix some big bugs with the last forum including color and size options disabled but all other BBCode is working (ie quoting and url's).

Go forth and repopulate the forums! We have lots of work to do!

Thanks for being such a great community and I apologize for the initial loss of information,


3 comments: on "JMTC Forums - A New Home"

  1. I cried a little inside, but when you think about it that forum was only around for a little over three days... I can't imagine how big it's gonna get in like a month let alone 3 days.

  2. (Wiggins)
    I don't care how many times the forum dies, I'll be there until it stops kicking :P

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