Learning to Learn

As you've seen in my previous e-mails and posts (I post as "Bill") I've appreciated your advice and wanted to let you know how well its worked out.

After a couple of months I now have 30k more cash than I did before. Plus I've raised an alchemist to 300, an Inscriber to 420, Leatherworked to 390, Jewelcrafter to 445. I already was doing Tailoring and Blacksmithing. I've bought an Ice Mammoth (the 600g one, but apparently my uber raiding newphew thinks this makes me "rich"), the Red Drake and the mounts needed for the Albino drake. I've also dropped over 5k on purple upgrades to help me get ready for raiding. Although I made some from quests, most of it was farming and selling.

I'm not uber rich. But probably because after I broke 20k in cash, I got lazy. I CAN buy any of the expensive items I want. Or drop several hundred gold on twink gear, fast mounts, etc. I guess I like looking at my gold total more than a motorcycle.

Things that worked for me:
- Eternal Belt Buckles, Enchanting Rods, Weapons chains.
- Netherweave Bags, Spellthread, 28 slot Herb and Shard bags.
- Raid food
- Saronite Bar singles.
- When I get bored I farm various spots in Storm Peaks for Relics and other stuff.
- Transmuting Mithril to Truesilver and Thorium to Arcanite. Who needs a max level skill to make money? :)

I have the resources to make more from jewelcrafting and inscribing. But tailoring and blacksmithing is much easier to make money with at the moment. But when I decide I want to spend a little more time making even more money that's my choice.

So thanks for the advice and opening my eyes. Although I have a lot to learn, learning how to learn was the first step.


Two points here you should take from this email:
1. Max level skills are not required to make a lot of money.
2. The items he sold are still valuable in today's market.

Thanks for the email bill! Your contributions to the site have always been thoughtful and appreciated.

5 comments: on "Learning to Learn"

  1. This post makes me sure im jinxed, i've been trying the same methods as you yet i seem to time my buying to a day before markets appear to collapse /sadface. Seen a couple of new ways on that post though so i'll see how i fair with those.

  2. Hey, another copy paste article.

  3. @Anonymous-

    Shut up, god damn. You've posted this in almost every post he's made, and they're mostly useful.
    Just... stop.

  4. I have an idea. If u don't like markco's blog... DON'T READ IT!!!!!!! It's not that hard to figure out.

  5. So true.

    Eternal belt buckles can make a person huge profits.

    It also means that if your patient and find a player with the correct profession which isnt maxed out you can still make money from them whilst allowing them to make money, thus creating a good strong economy.

    BTW Markco, i beat my second challenge.

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