Mazthoril Cave

Feezee is the player who told me about the ghouls in dragonblight. Here's another tip!

For skinning rugged leather, then winterspring is great.

I spent a few weeks of game time there grinding for the winterspring frostsaber. The Mazthoril cave (full of cobalt dragonkin) just south of Everlook contains elite 55 or so dragonkin, but I found them relatively easy at 60 since you can pull them singly, and they are a joke at 80.

Each dragonkin drops some silver and can be skinned for worn dragonscales, blue dragonscales, and 1-2 rugged leather each. I've gotten some nice greens, blues and epic drops from them as well.

Inside the cave are two spawns of Thorium, one in the first open cave and one much depper where the named Dragons are.

The cobalt mageweavers in and around the cave are also the only mobs to drop the recipes for the greater arcane protection potion (I usually get 2 per clear of the cave) and the arcanite dragonling (this scales with engineering level so is ok even at 80, but I've only had it drop twice). These are really rare as nobody goes into Mazthoril anymore, so they sell well.

Across from Mazthoril are yetis that can also be skinned. They also drop some silver and the chance of green and blue items. For skinning at these low levels I try to find these types of mobs that drop silver and items and can be skinned, or beasts that drop meats needed for leveling cooking.


Only thing I want to add is that inside the yeti cave is lots of thorium. For another great thorium farming spot south of there, check this post.

  1. Actually, I find that 99% of the time, that yeti cave only has two node spawns, right inside the first "room" after the entry tunnel, and then in the "star" shaped room also.

    I've had my paladin parked @ Everlook for weeks now stocking up on my 55G a stack ore, and I honestly take the following path....

    Yeti cave, across the zone and south to the Blue Dragon cave, then south into the valley with Frostmaul Giants, then up and into Darkwhisper Gorge.

    I can easily net ~100 ore per hour, but the zone is also dead on my server during the mornings.

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