Mining Time - One Last Call for Alcohol

It's time to mine!!!

With so many engineering items being taken out of arenas, many engineers are moving towards jewelcrafting to remain competetive. (Thank you Wiggin for bringing this up last week).

This means that ore is going to rise, and you would be wise to start mining. This also means that there will be an influx of inexpensive gems as people dump them just to make room for the next set of skillups. Some would say, "oh no this will ruin my gem market," but the wise auctioneer would say... "What items can I make from these gems and then disenchant for profit?"

Here are some posts on mining that should help you gather. Also, I'm looking for a map of thousand needles if anyone has it, as that is probably the best midlevel ore farming spot in the game.

Howling Fjord

I predict the 'choke points' for jewelcrafting to be: Mithril, Thorium, FelIron, Adamantite and Cobalt.

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  1. As soon you reach outland and higher, farming the ores becomes pretty simple.

    Fel Iron Ore in Hellfire and Adamantite Ore in Nagrand.
    While you're scouting those area's it's easy to pick up some khorium (doesn't sell well on my realm sadly).

    I realise that there will be many alts running around in outland, but those don't have Epic Flying to speed up the search for ores, neither it would be their main target being in those area's (leveling is).

    If you know the routes (could make a few screenies again if it's really needed), farming the ores is fairly simple, mind numbing, but simple.

    Thorium could be decently farmed if you have a nice instance farming character (I use a palawin for that).
    The idea I've taken from wowhead.
    Also Silithus's Hives are doing fairly well for thorium, it's just slightly bothersome to walk all the way through them.

    That's all for my input for now,
    hope it was worth it.

  2. I doubt it'll happen as JC is taking a nerf in the next patch as well.

  3. here is a route for 1k needles.
    created with gathermate data, and routes (addon). i havent checked the "ooze covered" mining nodes, so there will probably be more in the caves.

    it seems like a huge circle following the outlines of the map :)

    personally i would skip the shimmering flats. it seems too much travelling for too few mining nodes.

    ok here it is:

  4. all the mining maps u need! =)

  5. The worst (by far) choke points would be Mithril and Thorium, and the gems for these levels. A majority of the 0-280 skill levels requires at least one or two bars of the lower metals. BC and up can be accomplished by only cutting gems of various kinds. If the market for say copper is flooded at the moment, don't lose hope. In just a few hours someone will probably have bought all the ore and left the other skillers desperate. This is where you drop one or two stacks for a ridicoulus price. These wont buy from you again, so charge what you can, while you can.
    Good luck, hit those pvpers where it hurts! In the market ;)

  6. Thanks for the props Markco! Remember auctioneers, it is your duty to check each ore's prices vs their respected bars, vs the price of the prospected gems.

    Plenty of money can be made at times simply by smelting, hording for later sales, or prospecting to sell the gems.

    Another tip...don't forget google! People are going to use jewelcrafting guide to level their professions most likely. The first 2-3 google results will be the most likely links used. Therefor, use those guides as a means to corner the market on given gems. AKA, mid level, players will need lots of citrine and aquamarine!

  7. When is this nerf to engineering coming out, or is it out already? And if it isnt out yet, would it be wise to buyout ore on the AH and stock up until the nerfs go live?

  8. The nerf is live already (no more Nitro boost while carrying flags is one for example).
    So people rather go for the prismatic gems now.
    Stock up on ores anyway, as JC is and always will be a fairly hot professions for rerollers.

  9. What Peter said. JC is getting a nerf, and without future buffing via Epic gem cuts, there's probably a better way to get the same effect.

    That said, I make a metric butt-ton of money from people too busy/lazy/stupid to divide by 10, so I'm sure there's a big opportunity for profit from the Engineering nerf. Still, I don't think I'd spend time farming ore to do so. Snagging underpriced ores now to sell later, sure, but taking high-GPH time to engage in low-GPH farming seems counter to my entire gold-making philosophy. Heck, I'm considering dropping Herbalism(450) purely because I don't spend time farming. I only use that toon for his Titansteel cooldown.

  10. Why. Wowhead and gather have teamed up and now we get "ALL" of the nodes from wowheads database. Farming routes who needs them? Turn on your gatherer hud and connect the dots. 99% of mining is following the outline of the map thats why sholar basin is so popular for mining saronite since it a big circle on the outside and a X on the inside. Still gathering ore is tedious and makes me feel like a lacky for Jc's and Bs's. I have plenty of gold now, thanks man, so I think I will get another crafting prof to complement my enchanting.

  11. Tin ore seems to be a bit of a bottleneck too on my server. Reccomend u don't smelt it. Tin bar is so cheap but tin ore is doing so well.

    Best place to mine it I've found is doing circuits of wetlands. South side is best.

  12. AHAntics, the jc only gem buffs are still there, the nerf is that the jc gems must go into the correct coloured slot, not just into any slot which is how it works now.

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