Nexuses and Prismatics Conversion Profits

The tip pretty much speaks for itself, it's just another way to convert materials for profit.
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I am addicted to the AH and your blog is one of a kind!

Let me share with you one of my tips, usually I make around 300g+ everytime I flip it over, You gotta have a decent level in enchanting, or access to someone who does.

This principle applies to any other item that you may transmute, so, I am sure that you will get the idea

After your regular scan, notice the price of large and small prismatic Shards AND nexus crystals. The trick works in both ways, but lets assume that the large prismatic shards are, more that three times the prices of the smaller version and/or the nexus crystals.

In that case just grab every piece of small prismatic shards and nexus crystal going for less tan one third of the large one. Then, use te nexus transformation enchant to turn the crystals into small shards, transmute the small shards into large ones, and repost them.

I usually post them in several stacks, most of them individually, and play around whit 2,3 and 5 items/stacks, They usually sell within a day, and, most important, don't overflow the market, nor undercut the buyout price, although you may lower your starting bidding price in order to be placed higher in the AH listing.

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4 comments: on "Nexuses and Prismatics Conversion Profits"

  1. I do this a lot. Another thing that you should check is the price of the void crystals. One crystal is two large prismatics, and they often go for the same price as one large prismatic.


  2. Bean spillers! All of you! Thankfully the Void to Prismatic conversion requires a rep grind to do. I'd highly recommend NOT converting them unless you absolutely have to. Not only are the Voids still useful for enchants such as Mongoose (which is still a great enchant), but it's better to have one stack of voids than 2 of LPS taking up space.

  3. Sparks,
    You are totally right and I still sell Mongoose enchant on the AH for 500 gold and keep stocks of Voids and large prismatics in the AH from my disenchanting prof as one or more of the rare bc recipes calls for either shard.

  4. Great, now the price of Void Crystals got tripled up on my realm!

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