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One disenchanting strategy that I use, but haven't read about yet (maybe I've just missed it) is this:

Since Auctioneer gives you the going value for BoEs after they have been disenchanted, you can use this data to profit even if your character isn't an enchanter.

In my example: My lvl78 main is alchemy/herbalist. I have a lvl51 alt with 275 enchanting skill. My main will frequently get BoEs that require 300 enchanting and up to disenchant. Let's say the vendor price on one of these items is 5g and auctioneer says to disenchant because the value of the materials is 20g. I put this item on the AH with a buyout of 17g. Any person trolling the AH for items to purchase for disenchanting will buy this item every time because they know they can disenchant it and sell the mats. End result, I get 17g instead of 5g for the item and the person buying it turns a profit of 3g as well.

Printorn on Eonar

This is an excellent point that many non-enchanters probably never think about and knowing what someone else will pay for something really helps you when pricing it. Should you not want to find a disenchanter for your goods, the idea of posting a barely tantalizing price on the ah is brilliant. The nice part about this is that competition doesn't matter! As long as you have a price that is decently under the auctioneer estimated disenchant value then yours will sell along with every undercutter.

Here's a second email on a similar enchanting note, though it only applies if you are an enchanter:

A growing demand on my server (US - Rexxar) is for non-enchanters to find someone to regularly disenchant their Northrend greens and blues, both for their own stash of mats for future enchants, as well as easy profit on the AH.

What I'm doing with my enchanter is just that - being the go-to guy in the guild as well as occasionally picking up a new customer in trade. What I do is simple, I ask them to mail me batches of their green and blue Northrend drops, and I return mail the mats. Some include tips in the mail with the items, but generally I do not ask for tips and instead clearly tell them that instead I'll keep a couple pieces of dust or an essence for myself, depending on the haul.

Keep it honest, and you'll have a steady, easy stream of mats for yourself, for either selling for 100% profit or holding on to for your own 'chants.

Aberrant Mind

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  1. I think this is a good point in theory. However, one warning, I've noticed with it is that the auctioneer values are typically overstated for enchating mats. I think this is because they have no deposit cost. With no deposit cost people have no incentive to price them so that they sell (unless of course they want money right away). It seems like on my server they typically actualy sell between 40-80% of the market prices provided by auctioneer. (Maybe I need to change which auction price I have auctioneer calculate from, I'm not quite sure how to do that.)

    I personally, will throw items with no deposit cost on the market above the market price just to get them out of my bags so I have room to get more stuff out of the mail. (and it's not like i'm going to miss them if they happen to sell.)

    Markco, about your post yesterday, please don't tell people not to post Saronite bars and icy dragon scale below their vendor prices. I love people who do that.

  2. I agree with James.
    I regularly use the features in auctioneer to search for items which I can disenchant for a profit of 1.5-2G per item and its has been right 1 maybe 2 percent of the time.

    I do use the mats however for leveling my alt enchanting skill and its way cheaper than buying mats in the AH be it tricky as you dont always get 2 small shards, instead you get one.

    You win some and you loose some.

    For enchanters:
    You can make a stable income from this as you charge people 1G per ten items to disenchant, that means for the 30 min you spend standing in IF you could make a good amount of Gold and perhaps level your enchanting a bit in doing so.

  3. Anonymous said... May 5, 2009 at 9:19 AM

    Use "custom" pricing for the enchanting mats. It seems tedious to but spend 10 minutes typing in individual prices (particularly for both greater and lesser essensce) ... but you will have a pricing model that is far more effective.

    Also, depending how competitive the DE market is - if you're not a DE just make one. Start a DK, finish the lore quests then level enchanting to 350.

    I'm leveling JC on my main in conjunction with enchanting on my DK, Hazmats of Onyxia - kind of like getting 2 for 1.

  4. Yeah, to Printorn on Eonar, level your 51 enchanting alt to 60 so he/she can level enchanting to 350 and disenchant all the northrend drops except purples. [[but you wouldn't be DE'ing any BoE northrend purples anyway]]

    you will save/make more gold in the long run with a 60 alt and enchanting at 350, and DE'ing all your own mats all day everyday.

    old world leveling is cake now, so much exp for each quest. you can physically do 51 to 60 in one night. safely, eating, drinking, sleeping, pooping, real life stuff - easily a three night affair.

  5. To anonymous: Why a DK for enchanting? Do they start at a relatively high level? I have an alt with 150 enchanting, but if DKs start in the 200 range I would definitely start a DK just for that purpose.

  6. DKs start with 0 skill, but they start at level 58 once you are out of the starting zone. That makes meeting the level requirement for trainig easier.

  7. Giving the DE 3g profit on a 20g item it too low to be interesting to most of us who DE for a living.

    My suggestion: post it at double the vendor value for 24 hours. Your items will move very quickly and both sides will just about split the profit.

    On a related note:

    In China the black market for US$ to RMB exchange that gives 10-15% above the government/bank rates. To exchange money you can go into a real bank and look for the guy in the suit standing in the lobby like he owns the place. You meet him and negotiate terms. Then he goes around to different tellers with you and has them withdraw RMB from his accounts and hands that money to you (so you know it isnt counterfeit). Its all very open and I assume they "tip" everyone so nobody complains.

    That kind of got me wondering about just standing in the AH next to the auctioneer with your disenchanter. Yell or say that something like "paying cash for DE items level 150 and above in or AH - we split the profit 50/50". I've never bothered trying this but suspect it would work well on Sunday afternoon and Tuesday nights.

    One caveat: I don't know if this would violate the TOS. It shouldn't but who ever reads those anyways!


  8. Why don't you simply level your enchanting to 350 or 375 on your level 51 alt? I have a level 51 priest that I use to enchant every northrend green or blue that comes my way. Click my name to see the priest I am referring to.

  9. Another enchanting AH tip if you have a high level enchanter...

    1 Void = 2 Large Prismatic

    You don't know how often I see Voids sell for the same price as, or lower than Large Prismatics.

    Whenever I see this, I buy up all the voids up to about 1.5x the large prismatic cost, shatter 'em & relist. It's easy money!

  10. Anonymous said... May 7, 2009 at 6:19 AM

    You need 400 enchanting to disenchant abyss crystals and 350 for dream shards. To the guy that disenchants for free you sir are an idiot and doing a disservice to every enchanter on your server. I also hate the enchanters that work for tips. We have had to work for tips for 4 years and only now are we getting our fair cut with scrolls. If you do not have enough gold to level your prof you are bad - gtfo and gather.

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