Noob Guide to Making Gold

I think it's time for a noob guide to the world of warcraft auction house and making gold in general. Just my two copper is a great resource for noobs, but the problem is finding the right information! There's so many posts, so many user comments, videos, and now the forums that a noob could easily become overwhelmed or even frustrated.

Now, understand that being a noob is not a negative thing. We all started from somewhere right? Just look at me: 20+ days to level my first character (my warrior) to 60! If you had told me then that I was going to turn around and write a blog, gold guide, youtube channel, forum, and twitter I would of laughed my way to Sillithus for a guild run of AQ.

Here is my list of must reads on the site which focus on Auction Housing:

22 Steps
Bid Low, Sell Normal
The 80/20 Rule
Banking Space
Auction House Viper

Here are the most popular farming spot videos:

Seething Revenants
Scions of Storm
Icebound Revenants

There, I just gave you more information than most gold guides. Go forth and cease to be a noob!
If you are still stuck, take your questions to the forums "OMG I can't make gold" section. Perhaps you'd like to try my (shameless self promotion incoming!) 20kleveling gold guide?

For the comments: Are there any posts I missed that you would recommend to a noob? (Besides all of them hehe).

8 comments: on "Noob Guide to Making Gold"

  1. Fantastic list Markco. All good reads.

  2. Think you meant a Newb Guide....

    A Newbie can be taught, a Noobie is unteachable

  3. With all those money making tips, you could buy Booty Bay.


  4. as psuedo said, its newb not n00b

    newb = good~ish
    n00b = kinda of person you just wanna kick in the face for acting like such a tard

  5. Hey, another copy paste article.

  6. Problem is most noobs dont want to listen to advice.

    Before I started I did a lot of research and realized that msot sites said the same thing.

    Dont buy gear till 40 etc etc.
    I followed it and just look at where I am now.

    Whilst my toon is not as rich as yours, I have still consistently made money and reached my goals.
    People should just read a bit more.

    Great links btw.

  7. @Anonymous: You don't understand the value of these kinds of posts for new readers.

  8. Anonymous is gunning for your job, Markco. It's pretty obvious.

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