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The Just My Two Copper Gold Contest is coming to a close! Tomorrow is the last day you may enter a video for the contest, so be sure to send your videos in right away!

I've started to go through them to pick my top 5 for you all to vote on the 21st, but it's going to be really difficult to choose :(

They are all so good!

Now, back to auctioneering... Going to do a flashback to one of my favorite posts:

How to Time Your Bids.

Do you make use of this strategy? Are there any other times when you find bidding to be both easy and profitable?

A quick tip to those new at bidding: If you bid on an item and the time is 'short,' then you add a small amount of time to the auction's timer. If two people get into a bidding war they will be continuously increasing the time remaining on the item of desire. It therefore behooves you to wait as long as possible before bidding on an item, thus avoiding having someone else bid and raise the time left on your action. Should you bid on a short item and then get overbid, simply wait fifteen minutes and then bid again - odds are you will avoid the other person and you know the auction will still be around because of the bids raising the item's remaining time.

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  1. I have experienced this first hand with bidding wars.

    It was on a epic axe if im not mistaken, listed at 20G or something ridiculous so the bidding war started and lasted for about 30 minutes.

    Every time the sale would bounce to Medium we both backed off until I started timing the bid as soon as it changed to Short.

    25 minutes later I would bid and the counter bidder has left thinking he had reached my max gold amount and thus did not care to watch his sought after item.

    Needless to say +-3-5 min later I had a epic Axe in my possession which I had bought/fought for 101G and resold for 250+.

    Timing bids and understanding the casual banker tends to help a lot when looking for rare items.

    Another benefit for me is living in South Africa which is 1 hour ahead of europe meaning we get up sooner and thus whilst most players are still sleeping I pick up all the cheap items on <30 auctions without anyone counter bidding.

  2. Thanks for the thoughful example Infernix, and that's pretty funny about you having a jump start on your european counterparts.

    @Anonymous yesterday: 1050 RSS readers today :)-

  3. Link to old article, copy+paste, change a few words.

    New article!

  4. /Yawn. There are so many new readers every day that it's wise to link back once in a while for their benefit. I try to do it about once every week.

    BTW is there a reason for your hate of JMTC? It seems completely random and unfounded.

  5. Gotta love random internet hate.

    I'll counter by thanking you for such a great site. It's the epitome of pathetic to troll a *free* site as if you are somehow obligated to provide completely new information daily.

    Great site, trolls go 'way!

  6. What do the time left indications actually represent?
    Obviously this will change depending on the length of the auctions but I just wondered for each length type (12, 24 hours etc) if anyone knows when the medium and short kick in?

  7. Thunderion said... May 19, 2009 at 3:08 PM

    Ah, don't worry about it Markco. You probably beat his ass in Ironforge and he's looking to troll you. Classic madcuzbad.

  8. Had another massive bidding war last night on an Epic axe.
    When I arrived this 15G axe was on short (meaning less than 30 min), and even with slow timed bids (bidding every 5-10 min) the total time from me seeing this auction was close to 1.5 hours and I lost as I couldnt spend 2 hours in AH and not questing seeing as I set myself a new goal/challenge on my blog.

    @Marko: any titbits of info you can give for when I log in tonight so I can buy cheaper mats and when they become expensive because of 3.1.2 then I can make a profit?

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