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I've recently made a nice amount of gold by simply selling Alliance only mini-pets at the neutral auction house (since I play an Alliance character). I useally stock up on 4 of each (Moths, Cats, Rabbits and Owls). This is common known trick; I know that, but I wanted to tell you that I've come across this idea after I looked on and saw that my realm has three times more Horde then alliance.

Ah well, maybe it's worth to post that people should check their server, and maybe get a good amount of gold from this. Maybe a new trick for you too, playing the market on the opposing faction...?

Tenadres, Burning Steppes EU.

Nice tip, here's a post I made if you need more ideas for items that sell on the neutral AH. Anyone have success selling alliance or horde only pets? What pets did you sell the best?

Here's even more info on pets:
Hi Marcko , I have a tip here for you.
For the horde, they can go grind Black tabby worth 3k. (Just put a alt there and check once in a while)
For the alliance, Go camp . White Kitten worth 1k on alliance Ah, and maybe more on Neutral Ah. (Make a round in SW once in a while)
Elohym Hellscream EU

Here's another email I received regarding farming a specific whelpling:

My strategy was to start farming the tiny crimson whelpling in wetlands. On my server they sell for 1.2-1.5k each. I farmed them for a while myself and then eventually I started hiring people to farm them 400g or so per. In 2 weeks or so I hit the 10k gold mark. Currently I'm at 13,200g and I'm going for the travelers tundra mammoth.

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  1. On my server there is a guy doing this, but he keeps posting the pets at low prices (4g) and my resale keeps picking them up. I sell them about 12g. Dunno why he doesn't sell em for more.

  2. 1000G for the White Kitten is crazy. On my realm they go for 100G max. Sometimes you can even pick them up from the AH for 50G and, of course, re-sell them for the "right" price of 100G. See this post for more info:

  3. I've dabbled in pets myself but there are just too many people doing it to make it worthwhile, imo.

    The White Kitten was nice as I could usually make a 100-150g profit on it, but like I said, a lot of other people seem to have caught on.

    Black Tabby is also a bust on my server, even on the neutral AH. I still actively farm for it, but the most I've ever gotten was 700g. It's hard to get rid of them for any more then that, not even to the Alliance. Whelps go for even less, so it's not worth the hours upon hours usually needed to see one drop.

  4. Anonymous said... May 3, 2009 at 2:50 PM

    Pet-sellers must hate me...

    I have several friends/guildmates that are working on pet collecting, and so I simply get on my Alliance alt (he's level 8) and buy up pets, then sell them to my second account via the auction house for a gold each. My friends and guildmates pay me two gold per pet, so I make a slight profit and know that I helped my friends out.

    I'm also working with several Alliance and Horde pet traders to set up 'trade-offs' of the BoE Argent Tournament pets, taking a small 'processing fee' to keep for myself.

    -Tufak of Feathermoon

  5. Rare pet is quite profitable nowsaday, especially after 3.0 .
    I found most profitable from the white/black cat inter-faction trade.

    While whelp is too rare to be sold (1k+),
    those kitty do make a good look on price compare to them (small investment and great profit margin)

    Since the source is very limited, the "right" price is not that clear to buyers. I ocassionally got 100g a white kitten at 100g, and relist it at 200-300g. (it's also possible to buy out all the lower priced one [as they are very limited], just to keep other sellers inline on the 200-300g price range)

  6. I regularly buy two pets for sale on Alliance and Neutral AH:
    Arcona chicken (1G): Sold by Vendor on Speedway Flats in Thousand Needles, I sell on my AH for 6-10G per unit.
    and then
    Snow Shoe rabbit (40S): Sold by little girl close to IF, sells for 3-6G on Nautral AH in Bootybay.

    Hope these help. For alliance, the White Kitten just aint worth the time as Lil Timmy spawns randomly on approx 2-3hour rotation and with other people hunting for him you have a smaller chance of actually getting one. In that time you could be making the same amount of money farming lesser pets or actually mining ores/herbs

  7. who would farm for 400g when they can ah for 1.5k? sounds dumb to me.

  8. The URL that Tenadres sent you is one letter off. If you leave off the s at the end, it sends you to the wrong website.

  9. I don't know if it's cooincidence or not, but before tuesday's reset I stuck a character outside the place that the rare Dalaran guy spawns so I could pick him up after the reset. Sure enough, he was there, and I killed him and he dropped the cat. There were no other cats on the AH, and I wasn't sure what price to sell him at. I went with 600g/1000g BO, and it sold within 15 minutes. Thanks for the tip!

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