Sholozar Basin Farming

Latest post from Time is Money, focuses on farming spots in Sholozar Basin.

Their list of farming spots is ok, but I'd like to add my three favorites with videos:

Frostweave from Freya - Featured by Wowinsider

Elemental Plateau of Sholozar

Gorillas of Sholozar

As a gold making master I feel qualified to write this critique just as I did last time, but if you disagree, feel free to comment and call me a pompous bastard :)

What I Thought Was Good:

The primordial drakes that drop icy dragonscales was news to me, I had no idea that all dragonkin in Northrend had a chance to drop these as I had foolishly assumed that only the non-firey type did.

As with any gold guide or farming list it's only human nature if you already know the information to think it's of no value. However, if I were a new player looking for places to farm then I would be greatful for the information contained within this time is money post. Listing the types of items that drop is extremely valuable to someone who knows they need XX mats but doesn't know where to find them.

From the basic to mediocre ah player this post is relatively good information.

My Additions:

Icydragonscales vendor for 1 gold, however it is mentioned in the article that they sell on the ah for 1 gold on average. To avoid confusion, it should be explained that placing these for less than 1 gold on the ah will definately cause them to sell, but you're shooting yourself in the foot just like so many misinformed players are who bring that average price to 1 gold on wowhead.

It's mentioned that the herbs would be worth around 550 gold that the author gathered. There are far better ways to sell your plants than in raw form. One simple thing to do is craft healing and mana potions for awesome gold depending on if you are a potion spec'd alchemist. Another selling method would be to mill them into inks depending on how cheap your herbs sell for.

There's a frenzyheart spot that you can aoe farm endlessly with almost no down time. The frenzyheart are mentioned but this spot is not. It's a big rock with around a dozen of them surrounding two engaged in a duel. I don't have a video of this up yet but it's a great spot.

Cultist Infiltrators can also be found on top of northern most pillar.

Eternal earths and shadows are mentioned, followed by "If you are a jewelcrafter you can make tons of gold"... but what a dissapointment to see shadowmight bands not mentioned. Check the link for what I'm talking about.

Saronite bars can be sold individually for around 300% normal price. Check this post for more info. In the Wow Insider article there's a typo on the Saronite ore to bars ratio (should be 2:1) but not a big deal.

What did you think of the Time is Money post?

9 comments: on "Sholozar Basin Farming"

  1. So one thing I got out of this post is to not sell herbs in raw form.

    I'm not an inscriptionist (so I can't mill) but lets say I want to get into the 'buy herb from AH, mill them, then sell ink' business. Do you have any suggestion on how to begin? (or where to begin?) I can pick herbs so I can farm them but I haven't done serious herb farming in almost half a year (To prepare for the need of people who will be leveling inscription fast)

  2. I'd go one step further and then craft glyphs with the ink, or trade the inks in to get rarer inks and place those on the ah.

  3. Markco,

    I find it curious you keep mentioning making inks. Since 3.1/dual specs hit, it seems like the Inscription business has pretty much jumped ship. Glyphs are being put up for silvers instead of gold, and even then they aren't selling. I don't understand why there would be a huge demand for inks at the moment? Nobody is going to be paying a lot for expensive inks when no one is buying the glyphs.

    Also, I highly doubt, in this market, that anyone is going to be leveling inscription. I stopped leveling on my alt after the 3.1 rush, and I'm probably going to Alchemy since he's already an herbalist as well.

    At least, that's just how I see things, but I'm not the AH expert here :). Could you explain why you think inks, and anything relating to Inscription, are still a worthwhile investment? Maybe there's a factor here I'm totally overlooking...

    Thank you.

  4. I sold over 1k gold of glyphs this morning...

  5. Here's a more thoughtful response: People still need glyphs because some people still need to respec on a sometimes daily basis. Even with dual specs there are classes that use two specs in pve and then have a third for pvp.

    Besides this fact players are always switching specs and trying new things as well as leveling new characters. You are however correct that some glyphs are entirely worthless.

  6. One thing I feel should be mentioned is that the basin is a gold mine for Engineers/Miners… using an epic fast flyer, the gas cloud detecting goggles & mote extractor I can find something to mine/drain every 15-30 seconds or so.

    If you’re doing this I heartily recommend gatherer’s heads up display feature. Go to and type in gatherer, in addition to the addon will be a database of nodes, grab that… then turn on the HUD. This will overlay your screen with every node around you and it’s relative position. This allows you to fly along the path of greatest node density and avoid any dead spots.

  7. I watched your video about the Freya spot a while ago when I was in my early 70s, and I was reminded of it when I saw the post about the gorillas the other day. I have spent the last couple weeks farming and grinding in these two spots and they are great! I am a skinner and a leatherworker and although I didn't make a lot of money since I used all the leather for leveling my skill, it made leveling that way cheaper and I got a nice amount of experience too.

    The Freya spot on the other hand was amazing! I started there around level 77 and although my survivability was a little low (being a rogue with limited AoE) I got rediculous amounts of experience (I should mention I had full rest experience for all of this) as well as a nice chunk of change for my time! I made it to 79 in no time grinding mobs there.

    Might head over and check out this elemental place tonight too. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  8. I am with Bury on this one. I found that the Freya spot was amazing for expierence and also some good profit as well (although cloth prices are low on my server).

  9. I think with all such suggestions it is strongly dependent on your server. On our server for example, dust sells for 5-6g each, and greater cosmic sells for 10g. Heavy borean leather sells for 100g. However, its difficult to move this because it's not used much in high level LW recipes. Nerubian chitin is a different story through.

    The two main things that always seem to be true are:

    a) fragments will always sell better than wholes (ie motes/primals).

    b) Farming up mats, make it into epic stuff that sells regularly is highly likely to be profitable. Nowadays the frozen orb market is crashing pretty fast, those are still used for LW and tailoring enchants.

    c) Bidding will work maybe 10% of the time. So what. It usually results in a significant profit for you.

    d) Recipes still sell pretty well, its a very steady business.

    e) Certain types of cloth are highly profitable. Wool on horde side sells for 10g a stack sometimes. Silk you can't give away. Mageweave is decent. Runecloth is very common (thanks to all the DKs). Netherweave is surprisingly profitable.

    You could go to many farming spots at many different levels and grind mobs and make about the same amount of profit, 100-200g per hour.

    The isle of QS dailies are not to be underestimated, even at 80.

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