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Cobalt Ore fluctuates on a daily basis on my server from 15 gold per stack to 27 gold per stack. That's a pretty nice gap right? Wouldn't it be nice if someone were to buy them out when they dropped to 15 gold a stack and then resell at 27 gold?

Yeah, that would be pretty good, but here's why cobalt is so nice: The bars sell 20-40 gold per stack, making it possible to actually earn gold by smelting the ore into bars.

Oh and it gets better! You can sell the bars individually or two at a time for great profits as well (2 at a time since almost all blacksmithing needs require multiples of 2 cobalt bars).

I love this market, on any given day it will be totally devoid of either bars or ore and that's usually when I swoop in with a stack or two plus a handful in groups of two. They sell like hotcakes and I make usually 1.5-2 times my initial investment. I can also make use of the bars for other gold making methods...

Part of the reason for the disparity betwen high and low prices for cobalt ore/bars is that cobalt ore is much harder to farm than saronite. There's no perfect route for the starting areas which provide cobalt and many players focus on farming the saronite instead.

Have any of you watched your cobalt ore/bar markets long enough to state the range of their prices over the course of any given week?

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  1. Thanx for this.
    Ill be looking into this tonight.

  2. On my server if i see ore/bar for less than 1.25G i buy them.. so my upper bound is 25G ..

    I will smelt these bad boys and at the upper bound in price .. i can sell crafted helmet for 13G all day long.(30% margin)and no AH cut
    You will alway see DE traders asking for lvl75 or better and paying 13G

  3. On stable large economy servers, there's never that much of a gap. There's also a lower limit to prices- if cobalt ever goes far enough below the average enchanting mats market, someone buys it all. If I see it, I'll buy it all.

    I saw it go down below 1g per ore once. I bought over 1000 stacks that weekend. It was all gone in 2 weeks.

  4. It happens all the time when someone power levels blacksmithing or jewelcrafting. You just have to remember to check for it.

  5. Cobalt ore, Cobalt bar, Saronite ore, Saronite bar ... they are all roughly equal all the time on my faction on my server (~1g). It's the crystallized/eternals that fluctuate.

  6. There are a few markets that are my 'staple markets', this is one of em.

    The Ore/Bar market is usually a good one.

    But you have to be aware of the conversion ratios tho, as some are 1 to 1 and others are 2 to 1. Also you'll see saronite ore go for more than the bars due to prospecting for JC.

    When Saronite ore falls below 75s/ea I usually buy it all up for prospecting on my JC, as I'll usually hit at least 1 blue out of each stack that makes em break even.

  7. I'm on a large population server and the price for cobalt ore/bars doesn't fluctuate much. My strategy (I know, it's not very involved) is to watch for copper ore whenever it's posted significantly below 1G apiece, buy it and then resell for more.

  8. There's also this little tip, in regards to cobalt, courtesy of bankeralt on the JMTC Forum:

  9. I think I've found a fairly decent route to farm Cobalt Ore.
    It isn't the default Borean routes most people are talking about, but rather Howling Fjord.

    Staying on the edge of Howling: Cobalt Route.
    I find it quite effective and for those boring moments it's really profitable as well.
    However, I do advice you'd do this on an Epic Flying mount, else things might be a bit bothersome.

    Anyway, overall just smelting ores to bars is profitable.

    Another thing I do is prospecting Thorium ores(60-100g each stack) and selling the Azerothian diamonds (30g each), along with the other shiny gems that drop (e.g. Huge Emerald (30g each)).

  10. My bad, typo in link, so here is the fix for the cobalt route(s) I go through; Cobalt Route

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