Suggestion Box Friday (5/1/09)

Suggestion Box Friday is your chance to be the blogwriter. Let your creative juices flow... anything about making gold in wow is fair game.

Gold Guide Contest

Don't forget, the gold guide contest is scheduled to end May 20th at midnight, so start working on sending your videos in right away! Be sure to mention justmytwocopper in the video as well as explain in detail what you're doing to make gold. Then just send me a link via email to let me know about your video and I'll enter it into the contest.

On May 21st I will put up for voting my top 5 videos and then you, the readers, will get to vote on the top 3 to be the winners. The grand prize: 3 free memberships to the ultimate wow gold guide.

So far I've received some pretty creative videos and am looking forward to many more. Get em in now, don't procrastinate!

Here's a great video that was submitted on maximizing gold from a few easy dailies that can be combined.

Community Spotlight: CoiningWow

Man, wow economic blogs have been popping up like crazy! Check out this blog from the perspective of a level 42 who has made 1000 gold + about 1000 gold currently in auctions!


This achievment needs 8 small eggs and 3 mageroyal for Delicious Chocolate Cake. (and 1 notheren egg for cupcake)



Regarding Twink Throwing Weapon: Throat Piercers
Kohaku said...
"Throat Piercers" are supposedly the best twink weap for lvl 19 rogues. Since they are only available for a limited amount of time, one can make much money by getting hold of this baby and smuggle it over to Ally side to sell for a fortune (400~1k-ish gold). An awesome thing like this shall not be de-ed...

Regarding Enjoy the Pot
Sparks said...
You should take a look at what potions and elixirs are selling well. If health potions (and especially mana potions) are doing good, then flasks should be good too. Lil' Sparky's workshop (no relation) does a great job on helping you determine which production items are sold at a profit.

To Sparks - I laughed so hard at the 'no relation' comment.

Important Notice!
Noochie said...
Hey Markco, i know this isnt the right place to post this, but i dont know where else to put it. So I'll just tell you here. I think i found a bug in auctioneer. Saronite bomb's vendor price is way off, it says they sell 4g50s for a stack of 20. When really they only sell for 50s a stack of 20. Just wanted to let people know so they dont make the same mistake as me.

To Noochie - Great catch.

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7 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday (5/1/09)"

  1. Small eggs were 15 gold each at my realms auction house today!

    Due to needing the Delicious Chocolate Cake for a Childrens Week achievement (8 eggs needed for it).

    Perhaps a good gold making idea for low-levels to make some good cash the following week.

  2. I really upset about myself, not prepared for the children week... /. .\

    And thanks for the new site link as well ^^

  3. Made 4000gold so far from selling cakes needed for the achivement "Bad Example". Chocolate Cake (80-150g each) + the cakes sold by vendor in Dalaran(10g each).

    Funny thing is I even sold some Ice Cold Milk (7g for 4) and even some spice.

  4. I also made a catch on an Auctioneer bug. The vendor price on Small Feast's is off. It says it vendors for 10g'ish for a stack of 20, when in reality its 5g. Made the mistake of buying out a stack at 7g. Just a heads up - always double check the vendor price if its something you don't buy/sell a lot of.

  5. This is part of the reason I use auctioneerlite, it appears to be right all the time in regards to vendor prices. Thanks for the catch Jesse.

  6. Hi Markco,

    Further to my email I've now written up my Children's Week report, it can be found on my (poor attempt at a) blog at

    I could have made more, but I'm pleased with what I got :)

  7. Thanx for the link Markco.
    yeah Coiningwow is growing and I like helping the newer players make some coin.
    I was on a forum the other day and people said that making gold in wow is easy, but they are all llvl 60-80 and thus dont need much.

    When you a level 10 trying to get gear and save for that "really cool Ram mount" then its tough, that why I do it.

    Updating more regularly now. Thanx for all the tips, lots of my money making skills have been learnt from your blogs.

    Little tip for people, dont think only the cake can make you money.
    Tasty Cupcake (bought for 90silver (10 units), sold for 2G each on AH.
    "Tigule and Foror's Strawberry Ice Cream" is bought for 4S for 5 units from dealer in SW and I sold them for 5S per unit. For a low level player this is a lot of money and can mean the difference of a gear repair or going into a fight with a broken shield.

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