Suggestion Box Friday (5/15/09)

Gold Contest

...5 MORE DAYS...

That's right we're down to the final five days before the gold contest ends. Have you submitted your video yet? Well if you haven't there is still time!

As I explained before in this post, I will be picking my top five videos which you will all then be able to vote on. The top three of those five, based on votes, will get free 20kleveling gold guides.

My judging of the initial top five is based on creativity, repeatability, and style.

Community Spotlight

JMTC Forums - Nothing says strong community quite like a strong forum. When I made this forum I convinced myself that if twenty people signed up it would be a success. However, nothing could of prepared me for the amazing reaction the forums received. It's been only a few days and already JMTC is probably housing the largest gold oriented forum on the planet. The most amazing part is that I had nothing to do with it other than taking the time to set it up.

YOU, the readers of this blog have created this encyclopedia of gold making ideas and I'm going to continue to let it be run this way. This is your outlet and I'm sure you'll continue to make great use out of it. If you haven't signed up or posted yet... GO JOIN THE JMTC FORUM. You're missing out on so much great information if you don't.

One of the greatest parts of the forum is the ability to ask questions of literally hundreds of like minded players. Make use of it!

Want to take a moment to thank my two blue posters for their work so far: Thunderer (Jewelcrafting) and Jhaman (Inscription/Herbalism).

Pretty soon I will start creating a forum MVP system which will be a special rank similiar to the one used on the world of warcraft forums.

Thank you all, this is the proudest moment I've had while running this site.


Regarding Icebound Revenants:
AntiKathy said...
Man, now I'll see the occasional farmer farming my sooper sekrit farming spot!Honestly, thanks for all the tips, Marko.P.S. The next cave north of there has lil' balls of fire that have a very nice crystallized fire drop rate if you are unfortunate enough to not have an engineer.

Regarding The Greedy Goblin Transfers:
DarkKnight said...
@Rare pets: it's actually the market where I made quite a lot of money, especially with access to both horde as well as alliance AH on a pvp-server.
Although currently prices are dropping, mainly because supply exceeds demand (My guess is that all the pet collector's have them and that's the only group of people that will actually buy the insanely priced pets).
@Eternal earths: I think it is also safe to say that the higher price on his new server is also due to the further advancement in Ulduar, which has quite a few nice recipes dropping that require eternal earths.
But yeah, Gevlon did an insane transfer of which I can only dream.
@Markco: have you ever thought about transferring to another server with your main bank(s)? And would you manage the transfer? Same as Gevlon or would you try a different approach?

To DarkKnight:
I would have done the exact same thing. Diversifying myself and taking as many item enhancement stuff as possible with me as those sell the fastest (which would allow me to accumulate my wealth back at a much faster rate then say pets or epics). I think I would of invested more into abyss crystals but they might have been going for more on his starting server than his destination server.

Regarding Eternal Belt Buckles Again:
Jeff said...
These are my primary money maker and I sell 20-40 every two days by taking 5 gold less profit than every one else on my server. Every once and a while the price of once material or another will spike and I take a break until it comes down, but some one always wants a quick gold soon enough.


Hey Markco,

Luv the blog. Keep up the good work.

We all know about the prospecting of saronite to get gems. One of the by products of prospecting are Shadow Crystals. These gems are useless except for the JC daily and the cut gems. So on my server I am seeing stacks of these going for as low as 37.5 silver per gem. Now vendoring the gem is 25 silver each. However, a cut version sells for 50s. Even better, if you proc on cutting and get a "perfect" version they vendor for 1g. Or you could auction them, but I find vendoring easier.

I can easily turn a stack that I paid 7g into 11 to 12g. The only painful part is it takes a long time to cut (one night I had 340 to cut).


11 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday (5/15/09)"

  1. Hi Markco,

    I've had problems trying to access the forum all day, is this something you're aware of or is it only affecting me?

  2. I can't get on either, I'm assuming board zero crashed. Their main site is down as well.

    I'm sorry :(

  3. Hehe no problem at all and no need to apologise! My work connection can be a bit dodgy so thought I'd check :D

  4. If this becomes common place I will attempt to move the forums over to my servers.

  5. probably just a maintance orso.


  6. *Kohaku goes into JMTC forum withdraw sympthom*



  7. Also regarding Shadow Crystal - they're used for Icy Prism's. And while the Prism's also cost a Frozen Orb, I'm finding that I make quite a bit of gold off of them. I just buy up all the green gems off the AH (or keep them when I'm prospecting) and spend my extra emblems of heroism on the Frozen Orbs, or buy them off the AH when somebody is dumping their stock. 9 times out of 10 I end up making at least what I spent, and often times (when I get two scarlet rubies or a dragons eye) I turn a nice profit. They are also the best way to level from 440-450 JC. I was going to do that using meta gems, but the price of the ones that you can train from the trainer, at least on my server, are actually less than the gem you cut them from, and if you're power leveling the profession you may not have access to the better meta's yet (stupid daily!)

    Anyway, while it may take a bit longer doing it this way (20 hr cooldown ftl) you can actually turn a nice little profit if you get lucky, and if not, you can stockpile some rare gems for when you get the better patterns.

  8. Is there anyway to actually view the histograms for items that auctioneer collects? Or is that just there for no helpful reason?

  9. Ah, the price of popularity? The forums down because of too many users? And I'm going through w/d as well :P

  10. Good thing about the forums being down is I got some work done today.

  11. I'm getting the shakes! I hate all of you and your nifty gold tips!

    *shakes fist*

    *hits refresh button again*

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