Suggestion Box Friday (5/22/09) - Gold Contest Ends

Suggestion box friday is your chance to write about what you like about making gold in world of warcraft. It's when the gold making master, Markco, takes a seat back stage while rank and file amateurs (though lovable and well meaning) take on the task of educating the wow populace. It's a risk that I'm willing to take, are you up to the challenge?

Community Spotlight

The first Just My Two Copper Gold Contest has ended and the votes are in...

#1 DE Legs

#2 Tourney Pets

#3 Combine Your Dailies

The voting was incredibly close and I have definitely learned a thing or two for the next contest. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Next week I will post the honorable mentions that were good but not quite good enough for the top 5. I want to thank everyone who sent in videos and I hope you had fun making/watching the tips.

Grats to those who participated and especially to the winners of free 20k Leveling Gold Guides! I have all your emails and will be contacting you soon.


Regarding Smelting My Gold:

There are a few markets that are my 'staple markets', this is one of em.The Ore/Bar market is usually a good one. But you have to be aware of the conversion ratios tho, as some are 1 to 1 and others are 2 to 1. Also you'll see saronite ore go for more than the bars due to prospecting for JC. When Saronite ore falls below 75s/ea I usually buy it all up for prospecting on my JC, as I'll usually hit at least 1 blue out of each stack that makes em break even.

Regarding Nexus Conversions:

Sparks said...
Bean spillers! All of you! Thankfully the Void to Prismatic conversion requires a rep grind to do. I'd highly recommend NOT converting them unless you absolutely have to. Not only are the Voids still useful for enchants such as Mongoose (which is still a great enchant), but it's better to have one stack of voids than 2 of LPS taking up space.

Hey Markco,
Thanks to you (and some other guides, but mostly you :P) and your website/guide, I was able to scrounge up enough money to be able to buy the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth last night. Ever since I read about it on Wowhead during Wrath Beta I think it was, I always wanted one. I spent an hour last night with two guildies riding around in circles in Dalaran, culminating the experience by jumping off the side of the Violet Citadel and killing myself and the other guildie who was still with me. Keep up the good work.

Deip of Korgath

Hello and hella impressed with the variety of tips I've read on your blog.
The only edition that comes to mind is another random one that some enchanters may not know. If you have room for another couple dailies for venture coins in venture bay, spend them for the epic throwing weapon, 30 coins at a time. The amount of DE'able blues you can buy are unlimited in your inventory and of course they combine but don't do that.
Disenchants to a small dream shard.
Should you have a stack of unused venture coins or are in the area it might be worthwhile with the price of dream shards going up with the new Uld gear.

Happy hunting! Typh
What would you like to see in the next gold contest?

11 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday (5/22/09) - Gold Contest Ends"

  1. lol at the winner movie, its totally invalid now as the vendor price changed.

  2. DISENCHANT <---

  3. hot_boy_ronald said... May 22, 2009 at 1:11 PM

    yeah seriously, just bc you cant vendor them for profit doesn't make it TOTALLY INVALID.

    and even still if the price is low enough you CAN vendor them.

    but you will prob make more gold D/E them than vendoring them now.

    enchant mats=crack; available anywhere, and they always come back for more.

  4. Mogresh of Moonguard said... May 22, 2009 at 1:37 PM

    Anonymous, your comment is the reason why most people who play this game are broke. You make a lot more money thinking outside the box.

    Here's an example. Runic mana potions are going for about 30g a stack on my server. I can buy the mats for a stack of 20 for about 45g. I make about 75g profit on 20 potions. They sell at a decent pace.

    Thats basic thinking. Now for the outside the box thinking. I'm an engineer. I can spend 25g to get the materials to make runic mana injector kits. I get 5 kits, which turns 100 potions into 5 mana injectors. My total cost for making the kit is 50g, and I sell them for 120-130. I loose a little bit of profit per stack, but they sell a lot faster. I sell roughly 3-4 kits a day, and have less compitition. I would normally only sell 40-50 potions a day. I end up making more money faster by thinking outside the box.

    The thing to keep in mind is that all the information here is just like a cooking recipe. Sure it will be all right if you follow the directions to the letter, but if you add your own spices and flavors to what is presented, chances are with a little practice you'll get something a lot better in the end.

  5. Hello! I'm so happy at the moment because I'm one of the winners :)

    And I don't wanna sound like rushing things (it's just that I'm really curious to check the guide), but when will we (the winners) get the access to 20k Leveling? Like tomorrow or during the week?

    Thanks in advance, and sorry if I shouldn't be posting this here.

  6. The Daily Quest trick is what Im doing for a while, except he's missing 1 additional daily quest, which is Assault by Ground (

    Doing so, will combine 4 dailies and will net you the extra 13.x gold.
    To speed things up and combining dailies, you should also group up as you would kill things a lot faster.

    Quests to combine are the 4 mentioned, Threat from Above _and_ the Battle before the Citadel & At the Enemies Gates.
    This is a total of 7 quests you can effectively do in a group, saving you time and gives you more gold per hour.

  7. @BW - I'll get it done some time this weekend, I have to create accounts for you. Don't worry I saved all your emails/youtube accounts so that I can get in touch with you when I'm done.

  8. Newest tip from my side at

    After finishing the quests given by the ghost in front of the scholomace instance you will get a trinket which allows you to see the dead citizens of the town in front of the instance.

    One of those sells Plant: Storm Gauntlets for 4g and on my servers im resell these plans for 30-50G on the AH.

  9. DEing the legs still makes a really crap gold/hr. Say you get an average of 1.5 dusts from each legguards, dust sell for 4g each. Say you get the leathers for 8g / stack, thats an average of ~4g profit from each stack of leather. Considering all the work with having to craft them and DE them, its a really bad gold making tip.

  10. Not if you go grab a cup of coffee meanwhile.
    at the time i made the movie i had no idea about the nerf. im surprised (and happy) i won,but the tip at that time was quite valid i think.

  11. @Anonymous-
    Considering how many you can buy in mass and how quickly enchanting mats sell, it's actually a very good tip.

    Are you the same guy who keeps posting "OH LUK, ANOHTER COPYPAST ARTICEL" on every new post Markco makes?

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