Suggestion Box Friday (5/29/09)

Suggestion Box Friday is your chance to be the blog writer. It's when I, the gold making master, step down from my saronite plated throne and let lovable rank amateurs take a shot at making heads or tails out of wow economics.

It's the last friday of the month of may so it's time for a recap!

Pageviews: 180,000+
Average Time per Visit: 3:02
Forum Members: 302
Youtube Subscribers: 786
Twitter Followers: 137

If you aren't a member of one of the three activities linked above, then please take the time to sign up! These are great oppurtunities to provide you with ways to interract with your fellow auctioneers as well as myself.

XFire Live was a total failure for me with frequent disconnects while active. I've had several people suggest justintv; do you have any recommendations for a new Live Feed of my play?

Here are two videos in particular that were well done but did not make the final cut for the gold guide contest of last week:

Netherweave bags and Cloth Disenchants

Long Elegant Feathers

5 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday (5/29/09)"

  1. Try Ustream for live play

  2. markco: Awesome two videos.
    The feather farming I will be checking out tonight.

  3. markco;

    don't know what you've got going on behind the scenes on personal e-mails to people ---- or if your "rant" worked ---- but you got some playtime mention on today regarding the cobalt mining route posted this week.


  4. It was a nice gesture, I'm not going to 'critique' time is money anymore. Actions speak louder than words :)

  5. I really do suggest, I've watched a few ulduar runs on the site, and use it myself to broadcast my xbox playing (don't have a program to capture my screen yet)

    It runs well and there is almost no downtime on the site.

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