Suggestion Box Friday (5/8/09)......

Suggestion Box Friday is when I, the gold making master, hand over the blog authorship to lovable rank amateurs. Feel free to write anything you please as long as it pertains to gathering gold in wow.

Don't forget about the gold guide contest scheduled to end the 21st! I've been blown away by the creativity of some of the submissions so far, as well as laughed at some pretty comical methods of making gold.

Community Spotlight:

Skrooge Vs. Markco

Here's some highlights of comments this week:

Regarding Pets for the Horde:

Xanariae said...

I don't know if it's cooincidence or not, but before tuesday's reset I stuck a character outside the place that the rare Dalaran guy spawns so I could pick him up after the reset. Sure enough, he was there, and I killed him and he dropped the cat. There were no other cats on the AH, and I wasn't sure what price to sell him at. I went with 600g/1000g BO, and it sold within 15 minutes. Thanks for the tip!

Regarding Boar Meat Farming Spot:

Mogresh of Moon Guard said...

It takes money to make money. 20g at level 10 can easily be turned into 10k at 80 with a little effort. This guy gave a good farming spot for new characters. I don't think he's expecting a level 80 to go to elwynn for this.

Regarding Children's Week:

Glinda said...

Hi Markco,
Thanks for the mention! I'm starting to wind up operations now but my full report on Children's Week can be found on my blog


Recently I've been getting huge numbers of in-game whispers and mail from new readers of the blog. Due to physical time restraints I'm finding it impossible to 'consult' with each of them and solve their individual problems. Now I encourage everyone to send emails my way with questions but I'm beginning to wonder if there's a better way. How do you suggest I help the newer members of the community? Part of what made this blog so special is the interaction with me, the webmaster, and you the readers. Perhaps I should write a long letter that can be given to anyone, with answers to most frequently asked questions? What do you all suggest?

19 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday (5/8/09)......"

  1. ofcourse i don't know what kind of emails you receive, but a general faq could solve a lot of "problems".
    or maybe even an hotmail/icq/skype account to have an interaction could help you?


  2. Hi Markco,

    Seth's idea of an FAQ is a very good one, but of course the problem is differing economies between servers so one has to be wary of saying anything that can be interpreted as "this is what you need to do (in all cases)".

    One thing I would definitely reccomend is suggesting to people to thoroughly read ptr or pre-release patch notes as soon as they are available, many of my gold making schemes have been dreamt up from realising a certain change will trigger a higher demand for a product in the future allowing me to buy stock cheap before its common knowledge.

    And finally - there is absolutely no shame in saying to someone, look I really do want to help you but please could you email me as I am rather busy at the moment and I'd like to give you my full attention. Most people will understand this and happily email you. Those that don't... well they just don't deserve your time anyway.

  3. btw, sorry for asking but who's the community spotlight this week? :-)
    always handy to get some desperate needed reading material!

  4. Check out Wow-J, pretty sweet site with TONS of information.

  5. I think the idea of an FAQ is your best bet. Nothing huge. A question/answer format with links to your various posts and youtube videos as a way to tie your posts together. Put in on your link list on the front page.

    The Posts Directory "should" be that post, but I think its hard for some people to tie all those things together, especially since some posts become obsolete (like farming spots) or whose real value is realized in the comments section.

    At the bottom, specify how to contact you.

    That way your answer to many questions can be "start with the FAQ"

  6. A discussion group might be worthwhile. Google Groups has an easy setup with minimal fuss/expense.

  7. I'd suggest a forum, I doubt that any of your readers has a question that another of your readers doesn’t know already. Given them a way to connect and you’ll have less to yourself.

    I’ve seen it happen in a small way already in these comment sections (reason I read em, I often get information as good from replies as found in the original post)

  8. Mogresh of Moon Guard said... May 8, 2009 at 11:52 AM

    Thanks for the nod Markco. It's always fun to see your name in big shiny letters on the front page.

  9. Mogresh of Moon Guard said... May 8, 2009 at 11:58 AM

    After reading my comment again, I realize I should learn to check my text for errors before posting. My old high school English teacher would smack me for forgetting to capitalize a proper noun. Especially if it has the chance of being published.

  10. I would also support a message board. Heck, after I check JM2C, Skroog, and a few other sites, I need something else to waste away time at work!

  11. I keep coming back for the market suggestions (e.g. Frost Lotus are in high demand) that I can check out on my own server. It saves me some time and helps give me an edge on the majority of the market.

    My concern is that as you grow in popularity, the effectiveness of your suggestions will diminish. I think it's just a natural progression.

    People don't read FAQs, they just ask, so I think your time is wasted there.

    A forum would take the pressure off you and allow the community to participate. Go for it!

    Thanks for all your advice!

  12. A forum sounds very interesting, and since I'm already paying for webspace for my gold guide I could just tack on a forum for a little more.

  13. "Suggestion Box Friday is when I, the gold making master, hand over the blog authorship to lovable rank amateurs. Feel free to write anything you please as long as it pertains to gathering gold in wow."

    Nice reference to Rush's "Open Line Friday." With you being such an entrepreneurial marvel in WoW, it is not a surprise that you are a Rush listener.

  14. Thunderer said... May 8, 2009 at 2:03 PM

    Markco, I like that suggestion by Jesse regarding google groups... the infrastructure is there to support this and it's quite evident the community here will lend its hand in creative development.

    With at least 1000 RSS feeders (grats btw) and countless other thousands making use of this site, a forum community may be just what you need.

  15. Anonymous said... May 8, 2009 at 2:22 PM

    Something I always keep an eye out for as an enchanter is "Small Prismatic shards." There are often stacks of 10 up for around 10g (That's 1g per shard.)

    As an enchanter, I can turn 3 of these into a Large Prismatic shard that sells for around 14-16 gold on my server. That's at least an 11 gold profit, and they sell fast.

  16. @Eggalicious - You caught me!

  17. Congrats, you will have your forum monday at 8:00 AM :)

    This will give me the weekend to set it up correctly. It will be a 'free market' forum where the users will define most of the information within it.

  18. Hi Markco!

    Just caught the Rush Limbaugh reference on "Open line I mean Suggestion Box Friday" It gave me a good laugh.

    Anyway, love the blog and I've learned a lot of nice tips from you. I'm always amazed at my guild mates and friends that never seem to have any gold. I always have 15-20k sitting around and a don't even have to try that much.

    There are many ways to make gold, thanks for showing us so many of them!

  19. /ignore.

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