What would you do...

...If this hit you?

For those that can't read that it says: 12986 damage (7175 Overkill).

20161 total damage.

25 comments: on "What would you do..."

  1. Pop a health potion if I had the buffs to get my HP above 20k. Otherwise I'd probably be dead.

  2. This crit is 12986, not 20161. 7175 overkill means player has 5811 HP and take 12986 damage (7175 overkill).

  3. Anonymous said... May 6, 2009 at 6:56 AM


    That is besides the point, he still hit for 20,000 damage, it's just the player didn't have enough health to take all of it.

  4. Markco, i know you focus on economics but this is a bad misinterpretation: the crit is only 12986, as commatio said.
    Anyway, the warrior had the luck of a Grim Troll proc. Hoping that you understand what i'm saying.

  5. it's a 20k crit. it doesn't matter if it was on a level 1 critter, level 80 player or level ?? boss...

  6. Anonymous said... May 6, 2009 at 7:33 AM

    It is actually a 20K crit, the 12968 damage is the damage that actually hit the player, the 7175 overkill is the leftover damage that the player didnt have enough health to take

    12986+7175=20161 :)

    Nice one Marcko

  7. I'd split it into 500 damage chunks and sell them off for about 1g a stack.

  8. I bet Sephora won't be undercutting you on the AH no more, Markco :)

  9. Anonymous said... May 6, 2009 at 8:45 AM

    I'm guessing you had a few tenacity stacks for that one. Not a shabby number regardless!

  10. Anonymous said... May 6, 2009 at 9:31 AM

    Markco is on Onyxia ... Horde will never have tenacity on his server. I don't think Markco has any reason to post phony numbers up either.

  11. WSG game - buffs were Berserker, kings, and MOTW.

  12. So yea, with crits like that, doesn't it make you wish we could DW shields?

    As to your question, what I would do if I got hit by that?

    Curl up in a dark corner, rock myself back and forth and get therapy for my newly developed shield phobia.

  13. Someone cue up the "WTFBoom" sound clip...

  14. And if you DON'T know WTF I'm referring to when I say "WTFBoom", go here:


  15. I will survive .. with a 24k lifepool i can survive..The question is what Would you do if my 24k chaos bolt hits you??

  16. Reflect it back!

  17. Anonymous said... May 6, 2009 at 1:46 PM

    And.. how would u survive the stun lockdown + silence that is a prot warrior with 20k shield slams?

  18. Firstly, I'd probably dodge or parry. In the unlikely event that that did not happen, I have more HP than that so I'd swear, wing clip, drop a frost trap, and disengage back 45 yards to start kiting you. Or just wail on you with 18k explosive shots :)

    Once I was fighting a paladin in WG who had over 40,000 HP (stupid tenacity stacks). I took him down to 10,000 health before he could catch up to me, and then he had to waste his precious few seconds in melee range of me bubbled and healing himself. I popped deterrence and let him watch me dodge for a few seconds before putting him out of his misery :)

    Nerf hunters!

  19. Anonymous said... May 6, 2009 at 4:52 PM

    Like Commatio said, it is NOT 20k. The crit is 12986 and 7175 of it was overkill. l2 read combat logs.

  20. What's up with all the people in this thread who don't know how the combat log works :S

  21. Anonymous said... May 6, 2009 at 8:50 PM

    To all the people that are saying it is not a 20K crit, go get hit by an enraged raid boss and see that you can only get hit for your max HP and the other 50K is overkill. Then come back and eat humble pie.

    From one prot warrior to another, grats Markco, nice work.

  22. This really reminds me not to slack when the enemy arena team has a prot warrior, the control and insane burst (yeah, its more insane than rets/unholies/ferals/rogues/bladestorm if you pop trinkets) propably is a reason enough for the teams to have those warrs.
    Now then, it would ONLY crit ~15k without berserker ;)

  23. Presumably you'd only get 15k versus low-armor zero-resil targets.

    I disagree that, generally speaking, prot burst is higher than ret with wings, feral with berserk, or arms with juggernaut + bladestorm.

    @Markco - you do 2v2 as prot, correct? How much do your shield slams hit for in a "realistic" scenario?

  24. Chronic - 10-11k on a high resilience, low armor target is normal.

    BUT there's setup that has to happen for that to take place and it's kind of complicated. Luckily my opponents don't really understand it yet :)

  25. Gz on the Crit markco ;-)

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