Word of Caution with Tournament Pets

On the forums there is a discussion going on about tournament pets and how the prices are dropping on all servers. This is understandable considering the fact that pet collectors would of been the first big buyers with the initial introduction of the new vanity items. Now you've got to convince casuals to buy your goods which can be pretty difficult.

I'd like to suggest several methods for selling your goods that will save you the agony of auction house cuts and costs to post. For one, you should link in trade chat the pets that you can purchase. Use an addon which will allow you to see items in the game and link them or whisper yourself the items when you are at the argent tournament for later use in trade chat. Say something along the lines of "Selling [Pet #1], [Pet #2], [Pet #3] 1,500 gold each."

Another great resource for selling your items is the world of warcraft forums. There you can offer to sell pets to your own faction or cross faction via the neutral auction house. Be sure to advertise your wares in your particular server forum and not the general or professions forums.

Pet prices are going to go down more and more as the pet collectors are replaced by casuals looking to spend their hard earned cash on a new vanity item. Sell them now while you can and also look for people selling them way too low out of frustration.

Glinda from Only Ten More Points has published excellent read on making money with pets.

5 comments: on "Word of Caution with Tournament Pets"

  1. I thought they changed it where the "Nuetral AHs didnt cross over factions.

  2. Wouldn't that completely defeat the purpose of the neutral AH?

  3. Search this blog for posts on the Neutral AH, that should help you out DKei.

  4. Do you have a suggestion for such an addon? I also need a link of an item i don't have to put into the snatch module of auctioneer.


  5. What the real goblin pet collectors should have done is wait until now (or wait even longer) for prices to go down, then buy the pets.

    Then again the goblin mindset of making and hoarding lots of gold and vanity item collecting don't always go together :)

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