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Dear Wow.Com,

After having been emailed by the lead producer for (the previous I fervently believe that they HATE this site. From what he said, they do not appreciate the requests I made for them to cite their sources when making their Time is Money articles, and what's really funny is the way they dance around my posts. Have you noticed that JMTC went from being covered on a weekly basis by, to suddenly never showing up again? Interesting, no?

For instance, Time is Money releases an article on farming saronite. They go out of their way to find a NEW icecrown mining route, even though the daily quest already gave props to bane from this site for his icecrown map. How hillarious.

Once again Time is Money gave wonderfully small segments of advice that are virtually worthless to the wow community at large. For instance, going by wowhead price data is a complete waste of time. I've found it to be outdated, inflated, and just plain wrong in most cases. Next, the entire article focused on selling saronite ore as either bars or prospecting it. Now this is good info, but why not mention the fact that selling the saronite bars one at a time yields 300% profit on your investment? Sigh, how nubbish to try and smelt bars to resell them without further planning. Sure you can snipe the ore when it's low, but Time is Money didn't even mention this. In fact, there's more information in the comments of the article than the article body itself. One commenter pointed out that saronite bars cost 30 gold to put up for 48 hours and sell for around 35 gold per stack, which means Time is Money probably never even tried to sell a stack of saronite bars before.

Did you notice Time is Money did not overextend in their writing style this time around? Remember when I told them that their problem was in being too vague and spreadout in their Time is Money articles? Hmmm, it looks like they took the hint this time. you featured JMTC multiple times with my excellent video guides, auction house strategies, and farming locations. You're missing out on not covering this blog and you can simply go back to your visitor numbers on the days in which you covered my posts to see how beneficial they were to your internet trafficing.

Perhaps you should reconsider completely ignoring the greatest community of wow economic tipsters on the planet. Just take a look at our forums to see what I'm talking about.


Gold Making Master Markco

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  1. Agreed! Well said.

  2. Not only is your blog informative, it is interesting, and kept me playing WoW alot longer then I would have normally.

  3. Well said and all. But form my point of veiw, the less people that know about this site the better (very selfish i know), this site has caused a lot of people to rake it in, the more popular it gets the less everyone here will earn

  4. Yeah. Wowinsider is the turd bucket of all things WoW related. I'm fairly certain most of their writers don't even play WoW.

  5. I stopped reading wowinsider short time after I discovered Gevlon's blog and Marcko's. Just My Two Copper is not all about how to make gold. It's about attitude. It's how you treat your readers, indirectly through the quality of information and great interaction with your readers. I'm not an expert on gold making, but more then often, wowinsider's articles as such, are undocumented and superficial. Their commenters amended this many times in the past.

  6. Yea, great attitude bashing other blogs for "not liking" you. I'm not saying I disagree perse... but making a special post about not being liked seems kinda immature. Sometimes its not worth it to be right.

  7. I used to read WoW Insider a lot, but in the past few months it always seems like the articles are scribbled together at 3am after a marathon WoW session. It honestly looks like the writers have fallen prey to their own hobby. It's a shame really, the writing standards used to be higher that this.

  8. Broc, you raise a valid point. There's some behind the scenes stuff that prompted my recent @TimeisMoney posts. I don't publish personal emails however so I'll leave it open to discussion. From my perspective, Time is Money was created because of the success of Just My Two Copper. It's obvious from the sudden lack of coverage and how my requests for citation were handled.

  9. "Time is Money was created because of the success of Just My Two Copper"

    I might agree with this statement if it was altered slightly:

    "Time is Money was created because of the success of Just My Two Copper and a number of other WoW money making blogs like it."

    You have a good blog but it wasn't the first in this genre nor is it the only good one. This post really seems a little rant-ish and out of character with the quality of the rest of your posts.

  10. I agree with you Jubshaw. There are a few decent gold-making blogs out there, (with JMTC being the best), but the consistent references to JMTC that WoWInsider took on prior to the emergence of Time is Money, it was kind of evident that Markco's success with this niche topic was an important catalyst for Time is Money to be created.

    This post does seem a little ranty, but given Markco's relative disposition, a shot like this carries weight. Markco is consistently calm, even-handed, and helpful across the variety of mediums he's embraced to advance this "gold making tip" venture.

    I would encourage to reconcile with Markco for the sake of providing the WoW community with valuable gold-making advice.

    Even if individuals at have personal beef with Markco, it would be a tragedy to allow those feelings to preclude the citation of valuable and informative tips.

    This community has been awesome, and I always cheered when WoWInsider took notice of what we've accomplished. I hope they can take another look at what we're up to and give JMTC a fair shake.

  11. Turkdore you just summed up my feelings exactly. And Jubshaw you are correct there are definately other successful gold making blogs out there.

  12. I found this blog through it being mentioned on Wowinsider. After I started reading this one daily and the TiM articles, I noticed that their usually tips came after Markco posted them here and were either similar or useless due to lack of details.

    Being asked to cite sources is a simple request, and I can't imagine why would refuse. Unless they were copying stuff from other sites and calling it their own, that is, and that wouldn't surprise me one bit.

    JMTC is still, for me, the definitive money making blog/forum. A community of like-minded people is always superior to a single or handful of people and I'm glad this blog exists.

  13. This is a great point Otome and the reason why I wrote "tipsters" and not "Markco" at the end of my post. This blog is only as good as the collective mind that supports it and that's what sets it apart from so many other economic wow blogs. You take away the community and all you have are my ramblings about random gold strategies and farming locations. Case in point, often the comments sections are as valuable as my initial posts!

  14. Markco,
    i agree with you in general. has indeed stolen from you, and for that and the circumstances you are granted a lill "rant".
    but i must add, that as jubshaw and you say, there are other blogs.
    Zekta, Gevlon, Wowenomics have all fallen prey to
    Though i think you have been hit the hardest. None of the gold making blogs are being featured right now. Which i think is about as bad as stealing.

    (since some of uss, can do with some extra traffic)


  15. You cant take anything on seriously. 90% of their writers have no more clue about the game than the average WoW player. Time is Money is just a huge waste of time to read and never ever gives any decent tips unless the player in question is stupid.

  16. hot_boy_ronald said... May 26, 2009 at 1:42 PM

    woot woot! gooooo markco!!!

  17. It seems kind of immature to air your dirty laundry in a blog post post like this.

  18. lacorthereof said... May 26, 2009 at 3:10 PM

    As far as i'm concerned are just being foolish, I think your blog is great, so are the forums, and taking a stab at you for asking for citations is just.....bad, for lack of a better word.

    I hope you keep it up and you deserve a little rant, you are normally quite pasid it seems, i remember the anonymus guy posting a few posts back saying your blog is dying, I would have cussed all sorts at him.

    Great work you be doin' mon, keep it up =]


  19. The folks upset with Marko on this site aren't any better at understanding the internet than wowinsider is at understanding WoW!

  20. Cassandrena said... May 26, 2009 at 4:39 PM

    I guess I have been reading psychology research too much, because the concept of using information from a specific source and then not citing it is stupid and not a little unethical. You are quite justified in asking something as simple as citing sources, and the fact that they don't do that anyway would not get them anywhere in the real world.

    Though given how vague and useless those Time is Money articles have been, I don't know if I would want my name anywhere on it to begin with. Maybe they don't want its readers to find something better. =P

    Keep up the great work, this is and will continue to be the site I use for moneymaking tips and sources, not Your blog and other blogs you have recommended are what have enabled me to afford the more expensive pets in my 88 pet collection. ^_^

  21. L2english

  22. This WoWinsider vs JMTC thing reminds me of Microsoft vs Linux. Some people think that just because they have money or some type of conceived power or god forbid popularity, they are automatically god and any kind of competition is the devil.

  23. Markco -

    I'm very sorry to see they've obviously responded in a manner thats made you resort to having to post this.

    I know its "the internet" and such but having gone to university and having had correct citation drummed into me, I get soooo frustrated when I see information copied without a proper source.

    Props on calling them out on it.


  24. well said homie!

  25. I would strongly prefer it if you didn't bash "time is money". I like extra perspectives (if only generated by the following posts), but also enjoy how such a high profile site affects other markets. Send folks in one direction? Great! I'll go find what opportunities they're passing on.

    My own thought? TIM plans on this happening and does the same thing.

  26. I guess wowinsider took a look at their webstats, saw how many people exited their site to go to JMTC and similar sites, then decided it would be better for their traffic (and their advertising revenues) if they stole the info from the gold blogs and post it as their own stuff without citing any sources.

  27. I've gotten the sense that the wowinsider editors are playing politics to ensure their position of top dog in the wow blogosphere. Honestly, this is a for profit business for them, and if they feel they can earn more profit by "cutting off" certain bloggers from links and filling that vacuum with their own content, fine. They have a fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders to make as much money as they can.

    If you want to see their traffic, you have to play nice. Don't contradict their writers in public, and don't call them out on your blog. From what I can tell, however, being blacklisted is a one way event. They have no reason to ever start linking to you again.

  28. Oh they made it quite clear when Time is Money came out that JMTC was direct 'competition.' The blacklisting was their initial decision, so I have nothing to lose now by pointing out their mistakes. There are other sites out there willing to help JMTC expand, and I've been in contact with many of them.

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  30. Boom. Roasted!

  31. I think this is a accurate analogy.

    WoWInsider, particularly Time is Money, is the Carlos Mencia of Gold Blogs. ^^


    Looks like they linked to you today, via someone else

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