21 Tips in 21 Days to Auctioneering: Tip #1

Today I'm starting my 21 Tips in 21 Days to Auctioneering! I will still be writing my friday posts and random tips in between but most days I will feature one of these tips.

TIP #1: Speed Up!

Get Minor Speed enchant for your banker and move to the best city as well. Thunderbluff for horde and Ironforge for alliance seems to be the popular sentiment.

Thunderbluff is the best blacksmith/smelting city as well as the closest mail/ah/bank area. For laggier players I would suggest undercity for the best auctioneering experience. I tested in all major horde cities and undercity was the only one that I maintained 60 fps.

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  1. I can't do a getall Auctioneer scan in IF. (Or SW, for that matter.) I've found Exodar works pretty well... it's slightly more convienent than IF in regards to a mailbox, slightly less so for the bank. Darnassus also works for scans, but is less convenient for AH/mail/bank.

  2. kokushibyou said... June 6, 2009 at 9:45 AM

    yeah, I usually enjoy exodar as well as long as I'm not crafting anything besides my bags. There is a vender really close by that sells the threads :P

  3. Yes, but as a con for going anywhere other than Org(Horde)is most people keep their alts there and its just plain easier to stay in Org. Unless you got a high level alt nobody is going to fly or run all the way to TB to meet you.

  4. @Indy - Getall works fine for me in IF and SW.

    For proximity, Exodar would be ideal, with a mailbox right outside the AH; however, if you watch /trade for deals as I posted about at http://ahantics.blogspot.com/2009/05/good-bad-and-lazy.html then being out in Exodar *might* make it tougher to close some deals, especially if you don't have a dedicated dealer toon in IF or SW.

    But for a pure AH, no /trade channel dealing mule, Exodar is probably the best Alliance town.

  5. TB wil only really work after the next patch where they will be putting in a Zep from Orgr. Also as said before most trade is done in Orgr and Dala. TF is to out the way at the minute to make it the best trade hub so I disagreed with this tip. In fact its not that great a tip in my view.

  6. I found something better than the minor speed enchant... Make a fresh DK for your bank alt, then pick up On a Pale Horse and the Improved undead stance talents. free 120% mount and +15% run speed

  7. Those that are disagreeing are looking at this from a physical trading perspective, in which case the heaviest congested location would be the best. However, if you're looking for the most convenient and fastest auction house locations than it's thunderbluff and ironforge.

  8. Don't forget about silvermoon with a mailbox right beside the AH, but it is also out of the way

  9. Zomg I can't believe I didn't think of the run speed increase, cheers Markco.

    And I agree that Ironforge is the best Alliance town to park your alt, the AH, mailbox and bank are on a straight line, plus there is a roaming vendor close by to sell those underpriced Dragonscales too :)

  10. 1 more thing about Ironforge, the AH is also very close to the forge if you are having items made or buying titansteel cooldowns.

  11. If you happen to have a low-level huntard that you're sick of playing (like myself), you can have Aspect of the Cheetah up all the time :)r

  12. I still say that Exodar is the best banker city due to the fact that it's basically empty.

    Bank --> vendor for your junk --> AH

    With mailboxes outside both.

  13. Exodar is the best ally city. It's got the shortest AH/mailbox loop. The profession vendors are close to the AH. When you port from Dal you stay on your mount and the port location is the close to the AH. And no morons with choo choo trains.

  14. Silvermoon is the closest AH/Mailbox spot. Also you can stay mounted the whole time, making the short walk faster than normal. Remember, I'm talking about the west auctioneer in the southwest auction spot in Silvermoon, not the east one.

  15. For alliance Stormwind is the best nowadays with the new mailbox just outside of AH.

    If you stand next to the mailbox in the corner of the stair-platue and press CTRL-V to view allies health bars you can see the auctioneer through the wall and right-click his nameplate. That way you can take both the mailbox and the auctioneer without moving at all. No need for speed enchant =)

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