21 Tips in 21 Days to Auctioneering: Tip #5

Expand your bank space. Create a banking alt if you don’t have one. You have several options for upgrading your bank, and I'd like to link to this post to help you out.

Remember that you can level a dk and have him within a major city in as little as 1-2 hours. He or she will have some lovely big bags already on the character, as well as 15% movement speed while mounted.

When purchasing your bank bags, keep in mind what professions you have and what your toon will be storing. If you're going to make a glyph hoarder then you will want to purchase a few inscription specific bags in order to save space for other items in the bank.

Keep your bank organized and clean, it really helps in the long run to speed things up.

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  1. 15% speed would be *unholy presence*, which isn't available until lvl 70, and only affects unmounted speed. *On a pale horse* is the one that increases mount speed, by 40% with 2 points if i remember correctly; still, a good post, keep them coming markco ;)

  2. "On a Pale Horse" raises mounted speed by 20% if you have 2/2 points in it.

    Just want to add that 32-slot Inscription bags are very useful for glyph sellers. You get 128 slots+Backpack, which is quite nice.

  3. My banker is in its own guild. (The guild was given to me by a friend who no longer wanted it.) It has been so beneficial to have my banker in this one-man guild. Not only do I have a guild bank vault, I use the bankers own bank too to store my mats, purchases, etc for future selling. Plus the guild was free; I'm only out gold if I decide to buy another bank tab.

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