21 Tips in 21 Days to Auctioneering: Tip #7

Organize your bank space. Move everything into order according to profession. Trust me, this is well worth the effort.

Buy bags that are made for your profession, allowing for larger stashes of items in your particular niche. Some professions, like mining, can be annoying in that not all the items produced or gathered can fit in the same bag (i.e. gems). Be careful and plan out the space you willl need as well as the number of normal, open bag slots you will require.

Be sure to maximize the open slots on your banking character(s) in such a way that you can take as few trips as possible to the auction house in order to sell all of your goods.

Here's a break down of my organization:

Bank alt 1 (Level 70): Alchemy and Herbalism (Guild Bank #1)
Bank alt 2 (Level 70): Random Items from Resale and Vendor Search (Guild Bank #2)
Bank alt 3 (Level 71): Glyphs and all things Inscription (Guild Bank #3)
Bank alt 4 (Level 70): Mining and Gems (Guild Bank #4)
Bank alt 5 (Level 70): Leather Working and skinning (Guild Bank #5)
Bank alt 6 (Level 80): Tailoring - Bags, Cloth, and Bolts (Guild Bank #1)
Bank alt 7 (level 65): Lock Picking (Guild Bank #1)
Bank alt 8 (Level 70): Engineering (Guild Bank #4)
Main (Level 80): Enchanting and Blacksmithing (No personal Guild Bank)

6 comments: on "21 Tips in 21 Days to Auctioneering: Tip #7"

  1. Great advice but my god! How much time does it take you to coordinate your activities with that many alts and that much bag space? How much of your WoW time are you devoting (both absolute and percentage wise) to arbitrage?

  2. Its not the co-ord or the the amount of alts that blows me away, its the combined levels....nothing under 70.

  3. It allows me to do w/e market I want whenever I want, very rarely do I try to do all my markets on the same day. But when I do....

  4. lol - that sure is a lot :)

    I myself are making around 10-20k profit a week (depending how aggressive I relist) from JC, so I don't see any reason to work anything else.

    I'd like to start a scribe as well, but I can't see what I need more than one GB and 2-3 bankers for tbh. If I stop on a market I generally empty my stash, just because I'm a purist that don't like unfinished business.

    Currently in my personal guild I have:

    1 allround banker/store toon
    1 blacksmith (old main) - making rods
    1 rod seller

    and then I have my main that is a JC that makes all the money - in a different guild tho.

  5. man nice collection of alts. I have 1 bank storage alt and 1 insrib, 1 jc and 1 tailor. What I do is send all items to the one bank alt. Are you listing auctions from each alt for that specific profession? Or do you have one main Auction Toon?

  6. I just use bankstack and sort bag/bank and every tab in my guild.

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