21 Tips in 21 Days to Auctioneering: Tip #8

Check a low level market today.

Look at your tradeskill and look for items that may be valuable to power levelers, low level characters, or even high level characters looking for thrills (i.e. deviate fish). Every profession creates items that can prove to be valuable to someone leveling the same profession or another one. If you are a disenchanter, look for items that can be crafted cheaply due to an influx of low level mats and in turn can be disenchanted into much more valuable materials. For example, Tailoring can make linen items that often disenchant into much more valuable strange dust.

Anyone care to share their own examples of 'low' level items that are actually quite valuable?

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  1. As you said, Savory Deviate Delights. I often sell stacks of 5 for 10-12G and full stacks for close to 50G. Although I tend to sell in 5 most of the time.

  2. living and essence of undeath sell very well for me and there is very little competition. Same with priamals.

  3. I have been doing the Savory Deviate Delight for quite a while. I've managed to stock up a full banks worth of product that I recieved at a very cheap price. I've ran into a few flooders. Since then I've pretty much taken over that market and have had a steady supply going back into the market. W/ the changes to fishing there have been a renewed cheap supply of them tho. The price has fluxuated between 2g ea and 1g ea.
    It's kinda averaged around 1.5-1.25 ea on my server.

    Many of the low level things I've been reselling have had increased competition. Powerful Mojo is another one that while there is not a huge demand for it there is enough for someone who may just be starting the AH.

    Old world Ore and gems has been another market that's been reliable as well.

  4. Enchanting mats have actually bottomed out on my server due to certain people I know using green gems to make rings/necks with Jewelcrafting and then disenchanting them. Not much else you can do with those green gems.

  5. Question: I'm considering stocking up on titansteel bars now, since everyone will be hording titanium ore for epic gems and the price of titansteel will likely rise. Is that a good idea or no?

  6. @Colincon
    I tried that a couple of days ago because I saw ore was costing more than the bars (which take 2 ore to make)...

    However since then I've seen the prices almost catch up on my server (although that may be due to me buying all the bars on the market and thus forcing the price up).

  7. I just power leveled my JC from 0 to 443 the other day, and when I hit outland gems, there were absolutely no raws on the AH. Annoyingly, I had to go farm fel iron/adamantite and prospect it to get through the skills. I had a few raw gems left over, and was able to move them very quickly at around 20-30g a piece.

    Quel'Danas is a very nice place to farm adamantite.

  8. Combine malachite, linen cloth and copper ore and find yourself an engineer to make u some mechanical squirrels to sell at the ah. Mats alone would only fetch about 2g on my server. A mech squirrel sells for 25g! That's phenominal profit!

  9. Dress Shoes (I sell a lot of these to people pimping out their toon)
    Spidersilk Boots (mats are qxpensive though.

  10. Wool cloth seems to fetch a good price on the AH. Linen and silk are barely above vendor price, if they even sell.

    I believe this is because the level range of MOBs that drop wool is fairly limited compared to linen and silk, but tailors have a big gap to jump to go from linen to silk cloth. Each bolt of wool cloth takes 3 wool cloth.

    If you're already in Outland you could probably make more gold there. For a level 40 a few farm runs through SFK could make you enough cash to be able to afford that shiny new swift mount in 3.2!

  11. Anonymous mentioned that Spidersilk Boots sell well. That won't be the case after 3.2.

    Spidersilk boots sell well because they're the best boots a level 19 cloth-wearer can buy. Along with all other twinking gear, these are going to drop like a stone once 3.2 comes out.

    The reason is this: the introduction of XP in battlegrounds and the separation of those who don't want XP in battlegrounds into their own group. Once that happens, there will be several forces that will reduce the number of new twinks:

    1. A new player can't decide to try PvP in a normal battleground to learn his trade. Although he can start PvPing at any level, it's only at level 19 that he can play at the top of his game and not get wiped out by players who are simply a higher level. By the time he's figured out if he's any good or not, he's going to be pushing past level 19 anyway. thus many new players just won't get the chance in normal battlegrounds to see if they could be any good as twinks.

    2. However a player who decides he won't earn experience will suddenly find himself fighting only twinks. He will find the going very tough. Can you imagine how hard it will be to earn the Iron Man achievement in such a battleground? It's hard enough in a battlefield mostly composed of M&S!

    3. There just aren't as many twinks around as people imagine. Often people excuse their bad play in Warsong Gulch by saying "They're twinks! How could we possibly have won". Frankly, most of the time I hear this excuse, it's from bad players. Anyway, because there are so few twinks around, it'll be harder and harder for a twink to get a battle. The time in queue for twinks will be longer than it is today. And that's a vicious circle. Who wants to log on their twink if all they can do is hang around the bank and the Auction House for an hour waiting for enough other twinks to queue for Warsong Gulch?

    So not only will there be fewer new twinks, there will also be fewer established twinks playing.

    Anyway, it's the new twinks who buy the equipment, and with fewer twinks around, there'll be less call for Treebark tunics and spidersilk boots and drapes and all the other high value equipment favoured by twinks. When demand drops, so will the prices, because the supply won't change much.

    So sell your spidersilk tailoring now, while the going's good.

  12. Copper ore on my rem sells for 26 gold a stack :) Nobody wants to mine it, i go and mine it when i need some extra and quick gold.

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