21 Tips in 21 Days to Auctioneering: Tip #9

Find a Mining, Herbing, or Skinning farmer, even advertise in trade; looking for someone who has tons of your favorite mat and can COD them to you at any time.

Many players don't want to deal with the auction house at all and you can make their lives so much easier by simply buying out their goods at a standard and reliable price. Many dislike the COD option so you will want to find a farmer that usually sells their goods in trade while you are also online.

I've seen several players already advertising in trade and looking to pay titanium ore farmers great money for their goods at fixed prices.

Be sure to be consistent with the price you are offering and try not to spam more than once per minute in trade chat.

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  1. It's quite common on my server, there are several players constantly spamming "WTB all your X for Y gold per stack. Feel free to C.O.D". Where X is usually ore, herbs or eternals and Y is anywhere from 60-90% of the normal price. It's not uncommon to see two of them spamming WTB messages at the same time, undercutting each other :D

  2. Buying gold farmer mats = win.

  3. To add to Moggy, I see this as well, and I have been doing the same, but I have gotten no replies let alone a COD :(

    Any strategies? I try to be unique, I usually spam:

    "WTB [thorium ore] [fel iron ore] [adamantite ore] you got the bulk i got the gold! PST" And I get nothing, any suggestions?

  4. Wiggin, your ad sounds good. Just make sure you include an offer price.

  5. If someone is selling in Trade I often send a msg offering 60% of the price, usually they say no but you get some.

    One person asked me if it was to resell on the AH... I said yes, and he told me he had a bunch of stuff to sell, so I busted out excel spreadsheet and took my sales history from auctioneer and ended up buying 600g worth of inventory from him.
    Made a nice profit :)

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