21 Tips in 21 Days to Auctioneering: Tip #10

Offer services today, whatever your profession is and instead of asking for a tip, charge a steady amount. For instance: WTS Spellpower to weapon, your mats + 10 gold. If someone wants this enchant they’ll pay the 10 gold to save time.

Pick locks, cut gems, etc all for a set price... don't rely on random tips for your hard earned profession skills!

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  1. I always use the following macro when entering a city:

    /run SendChatMessage("Enchanter looking for work - 10 gold tip - "..select(2,GetSpellLink("Enchanting")), "CHANNEL", nil, 2)

    Great way to get the info out there!

  2. Its so unfortunate to travel out of your way to a way out of the way city to get a crappy tip.

    But on the flip side I have received a 25g tip for a port from my mage and a 50g tip for a blacksmith craft. so its a double edged sword.

  3. Amusingly I just discovered a quick time saver by accident. While normally the mail server is annoyingly slow since you have to wait a full minute between getting new bits of mail and thats awful for people like us who go through hundreds everyday. Well if you have a decent computer and a fast connection you can simply log out and then back in and the mail will be ready to open. For me this saves about 5-10 minutes of my time per day.
    Not life changing, but handy.

  4. I always tip crafters 5G for blue items and 10 for epics. When I'm looking for a crafter I will clearly state the tip.

  5. Sometimes this works well, but in my experience on my server I get better tips if i don't ask for them.
    First off, I won't move to craft an items, I advertise while I'm doing my daily gemcutting and enchanting, and inform people in trade of where i'm available, and they can come to me, making my time spent much much less.
    I don't ask for tips unless they don't give on, in which case I'll nudge them. Not having a set tip means sometimes I get 25-50g when I would've expected ten, and I always get at least 5 when I nudge them, so I actually make alot more money this way.
    Always cut down on travel though, it KILLS your gold/hr.

  6. Stating your fee in advance is better IMO, there is less discussion after crafting.

    Although sometimes not even that helps, I recall back in BC when someone wanted a salt shaker crafted and wanted me to go to Org (I was in SMV), I said in advance 15gold because of the time lost, and when he bought the mats and I made the salt shaker he declined giving a single copper, saying the mats already cost him 15gold and more, what do I want from him?

    Luckily he was in a decent guild, so I could whisper a guild officer, tell the story and the officer made the guy send me the 15gold by mail. ;)

  7. I advertise in trade chat. If someone whispers me, demanding for my services I tell them about the fee I demand.
    For gems it is between seven and eight gold, for alchemists products it depends only on the quantity and as engineering and letherworking is demanded it is about 10-15g.
    I do travel to clients though, because I know I will get some G.
    Sometimes I get more money than I demanded, so thats what I consider tips. I make clear to the costumers that I don't demand tips, I demand a loan.
    In real life I don't go to work and say 'Hey, lets see how much my boss will give me by the end of the day.'

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