21 Tips in 21 Days to Auctioneering: Tip #11

Purchase an item as a stack of 20 and resell one at a time for 150-300% profit.

Now, remember that this works both ways, particularly for elemental items. Look for goods that have completely different PCT's (that's percentage of market value which the addon auctioneer shows you) and compare 1 item vs 20 items or a comparable stack.

Saronite bars are the best example of this practice, but all this speculation about titanium ore has also produced an oppurtunity for crafty auctioneers. Myself, I purchased 40 titanium ore for 130 gold and then turned them into bars, selling the bars for 10 gold each. I made 70 gold from this the same day I purchased the ore.

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  1. I agree with your point on splitting stacks. Thanks especially for showing the Saronite video a while back. However could you clarify the profit %? On my server, you can usually get a markup of 30% to 50% by selling singles of saronite bars compared to the stacks.

  2. This is the biggest way I have ever made money.
    Once I realized I can level mining by just smelting...I started to buy all the ore I could in stacks and piece meal out the bars at a nice profit..
    Smelting ore bought in stacks , then AH bar a time made me no lie at least 15,000 gold since february and its easy money.

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