Epic Gems! Call of the Crusade Content Patch 3.2

Epic gems will be appearing in the next upcoming content patch 3.2, as well as changes to all other professions in order to compensate for blacksmithing's ability to add two new gems.

Let's think back to Burning Crusade for a second here. What happened to the blue gems of BC once epic gems arrived? Here I'll just tell you straight out: They became practically worthless. If you don't sell your gems now, you won't sell them later either.

There, that's all I have to say about blue gems, now to discuss the epics :D

In the upcoming content patch 3.2 you'll be able to prospect Titanium Ore into these epic gems. You will be able to obtain gems from transmutations (no word on specifics yet, possibly blue gems), pvp turn ins, and emblems oh heroism.

Expect Titanium Ore to go up 3000-5000% these next one to two weeks before they release this patch (atleast two weeks time, maybe a month or more). If you have Titanium Ore I would save it until the price becomes ridiculous and if you don't have Titanium Ore I would definately suggest buying it right now. Just be careful and watch out for prices skyrocketting due to speculation and people thinking that they have to buy as much ore as possible for their gem business.

Remember that prices will continue to rise for titanium ore until there are so many gems that profits suffer from the competition. Then you will slowly see titanium ore fall with the price of gems and eventually settle to what I predict to be around 1000% the current price of titanium ore.

One last point, Titanium Ore is increasingly dissappearing from the auction house due to speculation regarding this patch. Therefore, you should definately consider farming and since Icecrown is the best location for Titanium Nodes (Source) I would suggest checking out Bane's submitted route.

Geese this post just keeps getting longer... here's an excellent email I received a few days ago. I have asked Toriigate to try and come up with another fast search setup for epic gems:

Hi Markco,

Really enjoy your blog, thanks for spending RL time to share with the WoW
community. Toriigate/Hazmats of Ally Onyxia writing in.

Hope I can give back a bit here with my programmer background to help
describe some of Auctioneer's more advanced search features. Especially
since you're on Auctioneering tips.

I've found these two "General" style searches to be invaluable to factory
cut-gem production and JC disenchantables production.

Getting a search of only uncut gems I think is kind of tricky given that you
cannot use iLvl or Quality to differentiate between cut/uncut gems (which is
possible for uncut green gems). This search takes advantage of the raw
uncut gem naming convention of 2 words (ie Scarlet Ruby, Monarch Topaz,
Autumn's Glow, Earthsiege Diamond etc). Rare cut gems are all 3 words.

To lookup just uncut blue gems (check Regex checkbox):

Set Category to 'Gem' and Quality to 'Rare'

Save time getting your mats.

Additionally you can just click 'Invert' if you want to see what is
cheap/expensive in only the realm of cut blues.

Auctioneer/LUA's regex does not support logical "OR"s but you can use a
'set' to get a similar effect. The following search will list anything that
begins with Eternal followed by a word that starts with S -OR- E.

Lookup just Eternal Earths/Shadows:
^Eternal [SE]

Additional information on some of the pattern matching syntax is here:

Torrigate sent me this as well:

Here’s the revised search string for uncut rare gems – was previously excluding Dragon’s Eye and Autumn’s Glow:


25 comments: on "Epic Gems! Call of the Crusade Content Patch 3.2"

  1. Well, Marcko
    In my server (EU-Auchindoun), the titanium ore's price has already gone up to 1200% price.
    So, what should i do, besides keeping all the titanium i find?

  2. Too bad, I cant edit my post. So, the titanium has nearly disappeared from the AH, and the few stacks, what is on, is for like 1200% price already. Furthermore, the routes are beginning to be farmed heavily.

    So, I meant in the previous post, that buying out the AH, and beginning to farm arent a great option, but still, which is better?

  3. how much gold is titanium ore per stack worth on your server ?

    before the increase ?

  4. It's a sellers market right now, get in on it because this patch is going to be a while!

  5. My favourite bit of the post (advice aside, naturally,) was this:

    "If you post any of
    this, Anonymous wrote in please :)"

    Thanks for the info Torrigate

  6. OracleMars said... June 18, 2009 at 9:09 AM

    Dropped 1k on titanium ore. Hoping to get 4.2k back. Thanks for the tip!

  7. Woops yeah Torriga gave me permission in a later email, that was funny though XD

  8. OracleMars

    How much have u payed for a stack ?

  9. I wonder what this is going to do to Saronite prices. Is there any reason (aside from leveling mining) to try to farm Saronite/cobalt, or after 3.2 is it just gonna be totally dead?

  10. Zachary my answer will come on monday :)

  11. Be carefull with buying titanium ore. We have no idea what the drop % of the epic gems will be from prospecting yet. We also have no idea how much honor it will cost to buy a gem, how many emblems or how transmuting will work.

    TL:DR We know too little to actually know if its much profit to be had here. Hang in there for a week or so, untill 3.2 comes to the PTR and we will get all these questions answered.

    Just dont buy ore for tons of gold, you will regret it.

  12. The last anon was closest to the mark.

    If you didn't already buy your ore, then it's too late for you to do so. On my server the limited amount of ore available is going for 350G/stack, up about 350%. I do expect it will go higher.

    What Marcko didn't mention yet (next post) was titansteel and titanium bars. I'm betting that these will at least double in price, as the ore is getting horded in anticipation of the patch.

    I'm setting a baseline gold amount for myself, and anything above that will get spend on stockpiling these bars. The best time to sell them will likely be right before the patch, but if I see a solid 300% gain over what I bought them for, I'll start selling them off earlier.

    A funny note: One low-ball seller was gleefully going on about how many people were buying his titanium bars for 6G a piece. He's going to be shocked to see them selling for at least twice that in two weeks. :-)

    Marcko is spot-on on the blue gems of course, keep only what you need for your personal use pre-patch.. EXCEPT... pay careful attention to the pre-patch notes for the transmute recipies. The low-cost blue gems (blue and green ones) might be worthwhile to keep, or even stockpile, if they are cheap enough if they are needed for the transmutes.


    Don't buy ore now. It's too late. (Unless you see very cheap prices from the clueless).

    Stockpile bars before the prices rise. (I'm planning on leveling BS, and I'll be saving all my ore, so this goes double if you are a BS, or planning to do it).

    Consider dumping just before the patch. Prices are likely to be the highest then. Since EVERYONE knows about this, if you aren't going to prospect the ore yourself, sell it early.

    I think it will be more likely 2 months before we see this patch. It will be on the ptr in a week or two, and then 6 weeks of testing from there. This is going to give time for a wild ride in the ecomomy. If I was a econ student, this would make an excellent case study for a paper.

    This also may be the biggest gold rush ever in wow. :-)

  13. How about Damaged Necklaces? Don't you think these prices will skyrocket aswell? A lot of Jewelcrafters will want to be able to do as many epic gem cuts as possible as soon as the patch hits.

    Even though some Jewelcrafters will stack on tokens before the patch I believe others will be very interested in these necklaces.

    From the blue post:
    The design recipes for cutting epic gems will be made available for purchase with Dalaran Jewelcrafter’s Tokens and there are several ways to obtain raw epic gems:


  14. The prices for Damaged Necklaces were too high already. (300-400G). Since they only award 1 token, not worth the price of admission.

  15. Here, for reference, are the gems themselves.

    Also, don't forget that Jewelcrafters are getting bonus tokens to make amends for the fact that they're losing prismatic-ness on their Dragon's Eyes. Rather than buy new Dragon's Eyes, they may want to parlay those into buying recipes to make more gold.

  16. Expect all ore prices to increase, as well as low level gem prices, as this will be the most lucrative and beneficial profession in 3.2.

    I'd think the increase would only be limited by the wealth of your server as leveling JC now and into the patch will be extremely expensive without mining and only those with deep banks could afford to do so.

  17. Sorry for the double post...as an aside, blacksmithing supplies should also see inflated prices, as it will directly reap the benefits as well.

    If you don't want to get into the ore market, bars should go well enough...the supply should be all but sucked dry as ore becomes more enticing...a market to watch, for sure.

  18. Biggest line of patch notes: "Any dungeons that previously dropped Emblems of Heroism or Valor, such as Naxxramas or Heroic Halls of Stone, will now drop Emblems of Conquest instead."

    This makes all craftables worthless, as well as Runed Orbs.

  19. @ Anon - not necessarily. Depends on the new gear from the new raids. Many of the Orb/crafted items are BiS. there will still be value there.

    But yeah, you are a BS for the two sockets, not for making money crafting things.

  20. Titanium and Titansteel bar prices haven't moved much yet, however this will change over the weekend as there are only about 1/2 the usual listings present.

    This is the first patch I've been able to participate in as a shameless profitter, I'm looking forward to seeing what happens :)

  21. Lògosh of Mug' thol said... June 18, 2009 at 9:45 PM

    Hello Markco i would just like to say a way i am making money from leveling Jewelcrafting.

    On my server thorium goes for 28g a stack while all the gems that come from it go from 10-18 gold.
    Just from prospecting i make a profit. I made about 200 gold back from out of 400 leveling my jewelcrafting. It is quite funny how i can make a profit from it.

  22. Shameless plug:

  23. Logosh that's a great point and one that has been mentioned once or twice but I don't think I've ever posted about it. If I do I'll try to mention your contribution.

  24. Markco the thorium was discussed here, or at least, a little bit.

    Should help you on your way and filter out the _very_ useful info.

  25. Titanium ore has leveled out to about 200% (200g) on my server, I've been using my mammoth money to buy up to that mark (spent maybe 5k so far.)

    Titanium bars still haven't moved, nor titansteel either. However it's Sunday morning here, and there are only 5 bars in the AH. I assume the price will go jump up and down between now and patch day on these.

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