Let's Not Forget Thorium Ore

Lògosh of Mug' thol said...

Hello Markco i would just like to say a way i am making money from leveling Jewelcrafting. On my server thorium goes for 28g a stack while all the gems that come from it go from 10-18 gold. Just from prospecting i make a profit. I made about 200 gold back from out of 400 leveling my jewelcrafting. It is quite funny how i can make a profit from it.

This is a great point and maybe if you get bored of collecting all that titanium ore you can go take a lap around darkwhisper gorge and gather some easy money.

You should also make it part of your daily routine to be buying out thorium ore on the auction house.

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  1. I've been doing this for a while and I don't believe it's a certain winner. At some points you can sell star rubies for 5-10g and the other gems for 20-40g but not very often. Alot of the time nobody buys the items.

  2. With Jewelcrafting being nerfed soon, I imagine there aren't a lot of people scrambling to level it up. So fewer people buying these gems.

    Once the dust settles, and people understand the real impact of the nerf, people might start leveling it again.

    I bought about 50 stacks of thorium ore for 20g each. I keep a few gems around, but I'm slowly bleeding the ore or bars back into the market. Given the intermittent use of thorium, its a long term investment.

  3. I use this method sometimes, but the gems prospected from Thorium have very irregular market prices, so it's not very reliable on my server.
    Sometimes it's a good investment, sometimes it's not.

    Oh, a little bit of off-topic: Congratulations! We have reached 500 registered users in the JMTC forums, and the numbers rises every day! :)

  4. I feel bad for the owners of the comments above mine. I have been making a killing on the prospected gems of thorium ore.

    Contrary to what Bill has said, at least on my server, it seems the number of people leveling JC is going up. I'm seeing big fluctuations on prices of low level ore (copper, tin) as well as huge surpluses or drops in supply of higher level gems (from thorium). This all leads me to believe people want JC so they can prospect their titanium and cut their new epic gems.

    I bought out 40 stacks of thorium ore at 20g a pop about 10 days ago, a 800g investment. I easily tripled my money selling Huge Emeralds, Azerothian Diamons and Large opals for 15-20 each, while blue sapphires and star rubies went for 5-10g.

    Of course prices wern't always like this when I wanted to sell. I was constantly choosing which gems to sit on, and which to sell, depending on current supply and price. Also, I never posted more than 5 at a time.

    Since then, I haven't seen thorium ore drop below 30g a stack, and now its just over 40g, and I'm just selling off my last few gems.

    Because of this lucky find, and risk I took, I always check ore's to see if they are worth prospecting. My main money makers have been Thorium (25g or less snatch) Tin (8g or less snatch) Fel Iron (25g or less snatch) and Adamantite ore (25g or less snatch) Of course these snatch prices all depend on the gem prices as well.

    Good luck to everyone else!

  5. Thorium is usually 50-70g a stack on my server, so prospecting it for a profit is a bit of a crapshoot unless you can really crank up simple gem prices.

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