No More Vendor Searches

Apparently blizzard is making the vendor price of items appear in the item description of all vendorable commodities in world of warcraft.

So much for vendor searches :(

Honestly though, vendor search is something most auctioneers do for starter cash, not a steady income. Now the only successful vendor searches will come from either idiocy or mistakenly priced goods.

Is this blizzard's first step in producing an in game version of auctioneer?

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  1. I seriously hope not. They have been implementing in-game versions of already existing addons, and it hasn't worked so well most of the time.

    On the other hand, I reckon it would be an option which you could enable/disable, so you could still keep using Auctioneer.

  2. This is sad news indeed. Of course, it won't stop people from putting up certain cloth for less than you can get for bandages. At least, I hope it won't.

  3. Vendor searches are so easy to do, that I rarely win anything from a vendor search. And people must have smartened up for the most part. I'm seeing less than 5 items per day.

    I did still manage to make 2.5g off a guy looking to dump 5 scopes he produced leveling his engineering for 3g each. They were worth 3.5g :) He wasn't too happy when I told him I resold them at a small profit.

  4. Copper ore is great starter cash. People will adapt to new things.
    For the average user, this is a nice feature for them to add.

    I don't see a full auctioneer from blizzard though and even if they do it will not have near the options we have.

    I still epxect people will post stuff without even looking at that vender price. A lot of people don't look at the price per item tooltip when buying in the ah. I make a lot of gold off those people.

  5. Holy shit would that suck.

  6. hot_boy_ronald said... June 29, 2009 at 3:00 PM

    my only source of income!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    haha jk

    but it was always fun to pick up the odd vendor item now and again

  7. Hey Markco, check out this excellent post on the new crafted items in 3.2, which include a lot of existing mats, I.E. Saronite Bar, which definitely have the potential to rise in price.

  8. First thing that stuck out to me was Icy Dragonscales :)


    Good stuff though, thanks for the link.

  9. My new server must be full of smart people as vendor searches are are fruitless. I rarely find anything at all and when i do it's only at a couple of silver profit, not even worth the run from the auctioneer to the mailbox to the vendor and back.

    Now my old server was chock full of dummies. I once made 20g in one scan from a fool who was selling cobalt ore for 5g less than the vendor was buying them. I didn't tell him though in the hopes that he would do it again... which he did not

  10. Nothing lost here. People will still ignore tooltips. They will also still try to auction things at prices that will lose them money compared to vendoring.

  11. Funnily enough Markco, Dragonscales have actually been rising on my server, they are now consistently around the 200% mark.

    Maybe the skinners are all mining Titanium?

  12. Personally I think that this is mainly for questing. This way you can look at rewards and pick the one that sells for the most gold, without the need for addons. I actually think this will be helpful because I always seem to have trouble with addons that are supposed to do this (they wont display in my modified tooltip frames).

    I really don't think Blizzard plans to implement an Auctioneer like function.

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