Suggestion Box Friday (6/12/09)

Suggestion box friday is your chance to be the blog writer! It's when I, the gold making master, step down from my saronite plated throne to allow you, the lovable admiring amateur the chance to make heads or tails of wow economics. Don't worry, this throne ain't frozen since I kept it nice and warm for ya.

Discussion: Today I'm going to be interviewed by Shawn and Patrick from "How I Wow," an audio series that talks with gamers throughout the world that play wow. I will have a link to their broadcast hopefully before Sunday, but I'm not sure how long it takes for them to get everything set up. It may be up to a month before you get to hear the podcast, but I'll let you know asap.

Community Spotlight: A Greedy Goblin

The blog you should all be reading:

This unique blog puts a twist on wow economics by discussing real life as it's related to wow. The articles are interesting, controversial, and often filled with a little goblinish humor. Gevlon, the author of this site, does a fantastic job of creating a down to earth blog that makes you feel like a student in an excellerated class on goblinish wisdom. There is A LOT of material to read on his site, everything from his amazing glyph industry to global economics. Be warned, his writings are not for the politically correct :)

Among his many accomplishments, Gevlon has also hit the gold cap and is going for it on a second server that he recently transferred to. He actually pays a guild for a raid spot for the not so cheap price of 5k gold per week!

So um... why haven't you checked out his site yet? You're missing out!


Regarding: Tip #1

dylan said...
Exodar is the best ally city. It's got the shortest AH/mailbox loop. The profession vendors are close to the AH. When you port from Dal you stay on your mount and the port location is the close to the AH. And no morons with choo choo trains.

Anonymous said...
Silvermoon is the closest AH/Mailbox spot. Also you can stay mounted the whole time, making the short walk faster than normal. Remember, I'm talking about the west auctioneer in the southwest auction spot in Silvermoon, not the east one.

Regarding: Summer's Out

Sajaglol said...

This may sound funny but I have been making pretty good gold from the Ritual's of The This may sound funny but I have been making pretty good gold from the Ritual's of The new moon I advertise like this.All you Twilight fans come get your wolf from the sequel New Moon Only $$$.So far I am averaging around 150 to 200 gold each.So far the red wolf is the most bought with white being second.Glyph's for me have just bottomed out right now so i have been making cards and the rituals.

Regarding Hot Gems:

Vennren said...

Well Markco, there is a very very good website that shows what's hot and what's not so hot each day/week.

It's quite valuable to me atm, as it helped me prioritize my wares.
When I post them and for how much, so that the cash flow keeps going.

As this is mainly gathered from all the servers globally, I hope I won't mess up my own realm with this tip =P

Learn to play with it, browse it and use it.

8 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday (6/12/09)"

  1. I have a question and a comment for the inscription profession. First, is that I make the majority of my funds from the sale of glyphs and as a result I tend to spend upwards of 20-40 minutes per day milling herbs and another 10-15 making the inks. While there is no way to speed up the latter, is there an addon for milling that will allow me to set it and so I don't have to sit in front of my computer for those 20-40 minutes and can maybe read a book or something?

    Also, with all the high school kids getting out I've noticed two nice trends in the glyph market. The first is a huge drop in the price of herbs, I've dropped m snatch price from 17G per stack to about 14G. The seocnd trend is that I no longer need to worry about my competition in the market. While there may ba a huge flood of glyphs because of all the kids levelling the professions, the amount of others who needs glyphs is so much higher that even if my glyphs are the most expensive, they will still sell.

  2. I suspect any automated milling would be in bot territory; you don't want to get banned over that. But I've seen macro's posted that would help; something like

    /use herb type1
    /use herb type2
    /use herb type3

    For whatever herb types you typically buy to use. You *ought* to be able to just sit at your computer, hitting whatever key you bind the macro to, while you read a book.

  3. Sorry to see you recommend Gevlon's blog.

    His WoW stuff is interesting and helpful but his RL economic analysis is so wrong and immoral that I can't stand reading him.

    Maybe we can talk about this on the show. :)

  4. there is no way to automatically mill all of your herbs but you should be using automagic. It's part of the enchantrix mod and normally comes with Auctioneer Advanced. Go to the yellow sidebar anc click on the magic wand. I use it for automailing, selling vendor trash, prospecting and milling. No need for a macro anymore.

  5. Haha Shawn I agree he is extremely controversial and sometimes I read and go 'WTH?' but for whatever reason I feel like I want to read the next day regardless of how much I disagreed the day before!

  6. Hey, just started to follow your blog, I am really into analyzing the auction house and buying/selling with auctioneer. Looking forward to your future posts.

  7. Gonna have to go with Shawn on this one.

    Once in a while, he does offer a unique and helpful analysis in the psychology of making money, but he does it with such an arrogant smarm that it makes it difficult to tolerate it for very long.

  8. @The Grinch - You could also activate Enchantrix' "Auto Disenchant" function, and just click yes. But it's about the same amount of work as the macro.

    @Gevlon haters -
    He's just very right-wing economics focused. I'm more of a socialist myself, but I tend to find his blog entertaining and worthwhile. Even when he's not discussing moneymaking in wow.

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