Suggestion Box Friday (6/19/09)

Ah yes, it's time for open thread friday! When I, the gold making master take my leave of my saronite plated throne (don't worry it's warm unlike someone else's throne) and allow you, the lovable amateurs, a chance to make heads or tails out of world of warcraft economics. Are you prepared?

Call of the Crusade is out and so are epic gems! If you didn't know already (where have you been for 48 hours?) then you should definately start farming some titanium ore. Right now it's a total sellers market because people are blindly buying the ore with no idea as to price ranges of the epic gems. My advice is to stockpile 1/4 of what you gather for creating your own gems, keeping in mind that pvp honor and badges of heroism will be tradeable for epic gems as well, and then sell the rest to the greedy populace for insane prices. Be sure to sell this weekend when players who didn't get on during the week will rush to the auction house to see if any ore is left.

Mind sharing your thoughts in the comment section? Or better yet, check out the forum where they are discussing the recent gem developments as well.


Regarding Epic Gems!

OracleMars said...
Dropped 1k on titanium ore. Hoping to get 4.2k back. Thanks for the tip!

Regarding Farming Primal Airs

Antaria said...
Cat's swiftness has no improvement in wrath, and it will beat icewalker for a couple of classesthats why there is still a very reasonable demand and people will actually pay that price (even tho, for 50-100 a piece it would be better to grind it yourself id say)

Regarding Buying at a Different Time

RFairney said...
Enchanting.Even better, find when the prices are highest, do it for a few days to get a handle on the patterns, and price it to sell then.In large servers if people put everything up at raid time for people, they can end up lowering prices significantly! I let mine be undercut, because I know it will sell at 2am when less people are posting mats than buying them

15 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday (6/19/09)"

  1. What sort of trends to you expect to see resulting from the midsummer fire festival? There's usually something that achievement crazy people will pay exorbitant prices for.

  2. OracleMars said... June 19, 2009 at 9:02 AM

    Sadly, that 1k was all my money -.-

  3. Here's another one for you.

    New epic gem cuts will use Dalaran Jewelcrafters tokens.
    These tokens can be recieved from Damaged Necklace.

    Stock up now, prices will go up a bit, people will be trying for a full set of patterns.

    Another side effect of the raise in effective-price for the jewelcrafters tokens will be the price of Dragon's Eyes. Until the patch these will likely go up in value by 50%-100% as people save up tokens.

  4. The other thing i've noticed on my server is that Cobalt and Saronite has dropped in about 50% of its original price. I bought up a load of it,and hope after the intial burst of people mining, the prices will return to normal. If not,ive always got JC! :).

    (although it doesnt explain the cobalt dropping...Any ideas,or just a freak Dip? )

  5. OracleMars, I think Mon-Tue posts of next week will interest you greatly :)

  6. @ OracleMars how many stacks did that buy? on my server last check stacks were 160g a stack might be more now.

  7. It's gonna be a wild ride. There are so many JCers, and so many miners, that the real money might be made before the patch from Titansteel and titanium bars. Ore prices when through the roof right away, but bars are just slowing going up, so rather than dabble in ore, I dropped about 4k in those two bars sofar. As the prices rise over the next few weeks, I'll slowly start selling it off, leaving enough to level my BS. I'm also going to be leveling mining on another toon, and plan to sell old-world mats as a result to those leveling BS or JC.

    There is some mega-farmer (bot?) on my server that is still selling mass quantities of titamium bars, so it's been hard sofar to corner the market on it. Waiting to see if he runs out of supply or not.

    The key with something like this is going to be selling at the right time, and being able to jack up the prices yourself if need be.

  8. Hey Markco, this isnt related to money making but have you seen the 3.2ptr notes about block!? :O

    ''Block Value: The amount of bonus block value on all items has been doubled. This does not affect the base block value on shields or block value derived from strength.''

    Does this mean your shield slams will hit for 40k now? O.o

  9. I did the math and I should have around 2600-2900 block value with kings after the patch. So I will probably see 18k's in arenas after you factor in the resilience changes.

    Is this good? Yes, BUT I believe itemization for stamina is also going to go up, so either we get this change or become incapable of killing anything. Also, we've got months before this goes live, so no telling what changes will be made to nerf this before it goes live.

  10. Well... ever since Activision and Blizzard joined forces, Blizzard has been rolling out content like theres no tomorow. Also, im not sure but 3.1 was only on the ptr for a month and a bit soo im expecting this one to be the same :p


    Currently one of the best 60-70 bg necklaces. Very good currently with blue wotlk gems. If it will take the new epic gems, they will sell very well.

  12. OracleMars said... June 19, 2009 at 8:06 PM

    @Dezigner; I bought my stacks for about 100g each on Azshara

  13. Checked the titanium ore prices on my server before work. They were going for 22 gold per ore 0_0

  14. I'm one of those suckers buying Titanium ore in bulk atm, I'm going up to about 250% MV and have bought almost a full gbank tab over the last 2 days.

    I'm also buying bars up to 100% MV too, I plan to offload these in the next couple of weeks as the titanium ore price increases flow through.

  15. I dabbled a little over the weekend on the ore. Found about 10 stacks selling at 140g then resold them in quantities of 10 for 100g. Sold so fast that I bought quite a few more stacks listed at 170g and 180g. They are slowly rising now (200-240g this morning) so I doubt I will find any cheap stacks to resell. But with all the speculation going on now about ore prices after the patch, you can make a tidy profit without having to wait and see how much ore will go up after the patch. So you risk averse people can still do well selling before the patch.

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